Nazareth College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing that I brag the most about is the Art Center, the library and the tunnel system. The Art Center have a lot of activities and services that students and the community can attend. The library is fantasic for research and the tunnel system connects everything to escape from the winter days.


Nazareth is a great school, both socially and academically. I truly enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the campus. Additionally, I am thrilled students help one another and do not compete against each other.


That I have gotten a lot of field experience.


The main point that I am proud of is my contentment with the college. I am very satisfied with nearly everything. I think my professors are great, I look up to them very much and see them as role models. I also love the campus itself. It is beautiful and very welcoming. There is not anything in particular that I do not love about Nazareth, so it would only be appropriate to say that I am intrigued with everything about it and I enjoy telling everybody else how upstanding it is.


Its small size, the attention received from professors, and the fact that we have a tunnel system and free laundry.