Nazareth College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


this stereotype is not true. There are many people on campus who know that, but, like anywhere, there will always be some who are doubtful. Although Nazareth has a vocal, active, and always growing LGBT community, it is not true that everyone in music, theater, or music theater people are gay.


They are incredibly true but not totally accurate! In Naz, we have a huge variety of students, and all of them are super friendly! People smile, say hello and hug every time they see each other, no matter if they know you or not. If you are not greeted with a smile, chances are you're at the wrong address, or you come to Naz on our holiday recess when almost nobody is around. We have a lot of artistic people, since our Music, Arts and Theater Department are very big here. We also have many future therapists and educators. Obviously, Naz students are very artistic, each in their own way, even when they're not music, arts or theater people.




Nazareth has the appearance of an "uppity," ralph-lauren, jcrew only, equestrian team, organic lettuce type of student. However, although these students exist, they are far from the majority. In fact, it's hard to say if Nazareth has a "majority" student. Nazareth is filled with pockets of different types of students: music nerds, athletes, mathletes, party girls...everything you can think of. Everyone eventually finds their niche at Naz.