Nazareth College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school could fit alot of different personalities, but they all have to be somewhat open about religion, gender, political views and sexuaility.


I think that anyone would fit in at Nazareth College. However, if I had to pick one kind of person that should attend Nazareth, I would say that anyone who feels like they don’t fit in anywhere should come to my school. We are a very accepting college, with many different types of people. On top of the variety of people, we have a large support system for people who feel they don’t belong. Finally, we have lots of different clubs for people to enjoy, from Dance, to Quidditch, to French club, I guarantee everyone fits in somewhere!


I beleive that there is not a specific "type" of person who would fit well at Nazareth. Nazareth is very diverse in many ways. The one thing that I would suggest is that if a person does not like a small school, then Nazareth college is not the right school for them. This school has a wide range of students and teachers. Anybody would be able to "fit in" with the Nazareth way. This is important to know about your school becuase if this is not what one might be looking for then they would not fit within Nazareth.


A person who likes to have personal relationships with professors and more attention in class should attend Nazareth because there are small class sizes where discussion is usually important. A person who enjoys learning about a subject from different perspectives or likes a variety of topics should come to Nazareth because it is a liberal arts college where diverse learning is emphasized. Nazareth is a good school for the arts, sciences, and education majors, but for community involvement as well.


A student who's interested in attending Nazareth should want to feel very at home. The small size of Nazareth lends it an almost small town feel where it is quite common to encounter the same classmates and professors in multiple capacities on campus. The majority of students there are studious and focused on their education but always willing to have a good time as well. There is never a dull moment on campus and very few people unhappy to be there.


Someone who is willing to work hard, and put in their best effort to succeed. Someone creative, and someone who is open minded. Someone who attends this college will be completely accepting of others, and ready to jump on any opportunity.




Career-focused, friendly, hard-working, altruistic


Those who like a small community type atmosphere should attend this school. Teachers are very personal with their students and the community is a very supportive one. The campus is also beautiful, so those who love an asthetically pleasing experience would love this school. Finally this school is huge on service learning and spiritual and cultural acceptance, so those who are very interested in those aspects of college would love this school.


Someone who really wants a liberal arts education or someone who is not sure what they want yet. Or someone who is interested in music, physical therapy, or nursing. This person should enjoy one on one attention because they will get it. People who are passionate do very well here.