Nebraska Wesleyan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is the expectations the professors have for you. Its not frustrating in a bad way, but the amount of work and difficulty of some work can be overwhelming. The professors know the true potential of their students and they will push them to be their absolute best.


The most frustrating aspect of Nebraska Wesleyan University is communication between the housing department and the students/residents. Many problems have occurred due to either miscommunication or no communication whatsoever about details and stipulations of housing policies and residence issues. Clear cut answers to questions posed by students/residents as well as some flexibility during breaks would be a nice improvement.


No daycare on campus!


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that because of the size no one is able to slack off. We all need to work in order to keep things running. We need more officers in organizations and perhaps less programming. Unfortunately, no one can decide what needs to stay and what things can be taken off the calender.


You are required to live on campus for 6 semester unless you want to try to petition it. Which is a hard process.


Poor Parking


Nothing. I love my schoo. all people here are supportive and you can always find students, faculty, or staff that will help


How they don't let students live off campus sooner than six semesters. Also, forcing upper classmen who live in mainly first-year resident halls to pay for a full-meal plan.


That there is a lot of clicks once you get there. Sororities hang out with girls in house and people in each sport hang out the same way.


It's a private school , so it is expensive. I wish I could take more classes and be able to afford extra hours.


Due to the small population of the school, cliques are often formed. Sometimes it resembles high school.

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