Neumann University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


No traditions.


Since Neumann is a Catholic Franciscan school, I love they have their daily masses during the week on Mondays through Fridays at 12 noon and then two masses on Sundays, one at 7 pm and one at 10 pm.


My school is best know for their Nursing and eduacation program, and also their small student to teacher ratio.


They are best known for service. They give back to the community all the time.


My school is best known for their nursing program. Athletically, my school is known mainly for their men's and women's ice hockey teams although their basketball teams are doing pretty well this year. Last year the men's ice hockey team won the national championship. This school also has a very good sports management program. Being very close to Philadelphia, a major sports city, a lot of student's internships are done with Philadelphia sports teams. My major is sports management and that is the main reason I came here


My school is best known for being a religious school with small classes and the quiteness of it.


Neumann College is known for having smaller classroom sizes where students can get the undivided attention they need from their instructors.


Neumann college is best known for its excellent nursing program. It also has several excellent sports teams which did very well last season. The Business program at neumann is steadily growing as well.


My school is best known for its nursing program and its educational program.


Neumann is known for its excellent nursing program.