Neumann University Top Questions

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Neumann is a fantastic college. Totally come to Neumann and make a choice to be a student here.


It's smaller and more family oriented


What's unique about my school compared to other schools I considered is you truely get a uniquely personal experience. It's just everyone experience theirs differently. My school implants into our experience the importance of withholding five core values. Those include Reverenve, Intergity, Service, Excellence and Stewardships, which is put into practice on a dail bases. I can appreciate this about my school.


The teachers are willing to help you and they want you to pass. They everyone to get tutoring even if you feel as though you dont need it you could always do better. Everyone is wonderful.


I love that it is so comfortable (the atmosphere and the size). People are friendly and the learning environment is excellent.


What is unique about my school, I think, is that we have a convent on campus. It's cool because as a freshman, I was allowed to tour it.


My school I feel is unique because it accepts people of diverse religion and welcomes with open arms the muslim, the atheist, the agnostic, and the protestant. I also feel that this school encourages students to get involved, it is almost impossible to hear someone not be involved in some way. I love the fact that the bathrooms are non communal and that all on campus students learn responsibility without the communal facilities.


It is small and great for adults wanting to go back to school