Neumann University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't screw up. Stay on the books and pay attention to your professors. Remember this is a dry campus and a Catholic Franciscan institution.


Look at more colleges and find which one suits you best. You do not need to decide what you want to do in your freshmen year of college.


I would tell myself that no question is a stupid question, and never be afraid to ask for help. Keep an open mind to everything, and try to get involved as much as possible. In college studying the night before the test will never work.! Moving in with people you do not know will be hard adjustment and sometimes you and your roomates might have confrontations, but try to settle them in calm respectful ways. They say college is the best years of your life and I believe it truly is as long as you take advantage of them.


Look for scholarships!!!!


As I reflect on my life, there are some things I would have done differently in my high school senior year that may have helped me in my first year of college. I had a strong value for education. However, I did not know the best way to navigate the collegiate systems and make my dream of going to college come true. I knew that maintaining good grades were important, however, I did not adequately prepare for the SATs; neither, did I understand the importance of asking for help. I later found that there were people that were willing to spend time to help me achieve my goal. If I had asked and accepted guidance sooner, things would have been much more smooth for me. I would have been able to manage deadlines more easily. Furthermore, mentors assisted with educating me on how to climb the financial mountain that accompanies higher education. This is why seeking further assistance is vital. It is normal to be ignorant of some things, now I know to ask for help. Seeking guidance from a variety of sources can be beneficial for staying on track for a successful college experience.


If I had the opportunity to give myself advice, as a high school student, I would begin by stating the importance of time management and building good study habits. College involves heaps of studying, so learning to manage time in high school will prepare you for time management in college. Procrastination may have worked in high school, but it will not work in college. Get assignments done early and then speak with professors if you need extra help. Another important element of high school is being involved around campus. This is a fantastic way to socialize while strengthening a future resume with volunteer hours. Having a high GPA is one thing, but having both a high GPA and good social skills is another. By getting involved around campus, you will be better prepared to speak with faculty along with building a resume for internships/jobs in the future. College is very expensive, but there are many scholarship opportunities to help decrease the cost of tuition. Speak with faculty who understands scholarships because it is your responsibility to pay for your tuition, so begin thinking about scholarships. To be successful in college, you need to build study habits and get involved.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior I would have saved up as much money as possible. I knew college was expensive, but I never thought it would be this difficult to pay for. In high school I wish I would have taken sports and classes more seriously. If I could go back I would have forced myself to get nothing but A's and I would have been committed to some type of varsity team. Getting outstanding grades and being on a varsity team could have maybe given me a full ride to college or even just more scholarships. If I would have known then what I do now, things would have been much different. Instead of settling for a small, but yet expensive school, I would have gone to a bigger school with more diversity and more opportunities. Overall, I wish I could have taken high school a little bit more serious, so I could accomplish my goals in life quicker and easier.


I would remid myself that I am not alone. I often thought I was alone i man aspects when i first started college. The truth was that everyone felt this way and I wish I woul have reached out more to others for support.


Hello, nice meeting you. So your number one college you'd like to attend is Neumann University. I have visited the school a few times. I can take you there one day so you could have a feel for it. You never want to finalize your decision without visiting the school. When we go for the visit you may want to observe the environment inside and out. Ask yourself, do you learn better in small or big classrooms? Or, are you more comfortable socially in a small, private campus or a big campus with parties? Knowing these things are important factors because it could make or break your college experience. For instance, if you are easily influenced or inexperienced with party scenes, a big party campus may not be a wise decision. Constant partying could put your grades in jeopardy. Temptation is at a high in college. Your conscience would be your bestfriend so use it wisely when it comes to decisions,procrastination, and slacking. The transition from highschool to college is like playing basketball regularly in a school gym to making it to the WNBA. The ball is in your hands, with faith and determination you will score successfully.


I would say to always take things seriously. Highschool is a very important step to getting into a good college. I would say that I needed to work harder and get the grades I knew I could. Just because you have good grades already doesn't mean you shouldn't do the best you can. I would tell myself that life isn't all about sports and I should focus on going to a school that will offer me the best academically fisrt, and not worry so much about getting on a good sports team. THe last thing I would say to my highschool self would be don't be scared. Its a huge step, but you are going to meet some really awesome people who are going to help you through the transition/


I would tell myself that college is hard. It is something that will get you into the profession of your dreams. You want to do as well as possible during your first year, try your hardest, don't slack off because it will hurt you. I would tell myself to take more of the core classes freshman and sophomore year because they are harder to focus on once you start getting into the Nursing classes. I would really tell myself to believe in myself and to have faith in myself because without that, you cant get as far in ypur life as you would hope. I wpuld have also told myself to get onvolved woth school activities earlier than I did, it helps make friends.


Barack Obama said, “We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing in our students and our schools. We must make sure that people who have the grades, the desire and the will, but not the money, can still get the best education possible.” Although I am entering into my junior year of college at neumann university, I plan to attend graduate school to receive my Master’s and PhD as well. If you may not know, I am a well determined student, I don’t not take no for an answer and I always try to prove people wrong. I know what I am capable of and I try to go above and beyond any expectations. Although at times school brings me to the point where I feel that I cannot make it and it stresses me out, I get the courage and push myself even harder. Sometimes the most encouragement comes from my bible. Knowing that God will not give me more than I can bear and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper; So why wouldn’t I hold my head up high and continue my school work.


I will be attending college in the Spring of 2011 and I know I will get alot out of my college experience. I think that it is extremely valuable to attend college becuase it gives you the wisdom and the knowlegde you need in order to succeed in the real world. The value in attending college is not only preparing you to graduate but also preparing you with a work place enviroment . The chance to cummunicate and socialize with my fellow students from all over the U.S. and even all over the world in college is yet another valuable quality in attending college. Interacting with all different kinds of people from different backgrounds and all different ages is a great valuable tool becuase you never know what kind of people you'll be working with in your work place. In college you learn so much about yourself and alot about others as well, while working towards getting a diploma. Fortunately, learning all the skills for your major of choice isn't the only thing you learn while attending college. That's why I strongly believe that the value in attending college is a endless count.


I have not yet completed college,but so far the most important asset I have gained from this experience is the material that I have learned. I enjoy studying psychology and criminal justice. It has been difficult financially these past two years,but I am trying my best to do whatever I can to finish the Bachelor's program. I have learned that college is not for everyone. This milestone in my life has had its ups and downs. The reason why I am a college bound young adult is because I have always excelled academically. College is expensive,but getting a degree in a field that one loves,it can be money well spent.


Don't be so nervous about the transformation from high school to college. It is more exciting than anything. Everyone else is in the same boat you are so talk to people and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Your college experience is what you make of it so try and have a good time. Try not to think of any doubts you have because you will come to find out that they either go away or your learn to deal with them in a positive manner. The most important skill that I believe you need is time management. If you can learn to manage your time and get organized your life will become ten times easier, especially if you play sports or are involved in any clubs or activities. Don't procrastinate and don't get caught up to much in the "college life". Just remember your priorities while you are here and it will be like a second home.


I would go back in time and tell my self to apply for as many scholarships as i can, because college is very expensive.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, I would'nt struggle as much as I do now. I would tell myself to attend the school that I'm in know instead of the school that I attended before. I choose the wrong school and in less than a year I owed more than $15,000 in loans. I lost about 15 credits for switching schools and major. Now that I know what I want to do and to avoid taking loans before exhausting all my possibilities of receiving grants and scholarships, it's hard to find enough money to pay for school. If I dont get enough money this semester to cover all of my expenses, I won't be able to go to school next semester. I did'nt have any body to tell me these things, so I lost money and time. Because I switched majors and school, I have to stay in school for an extra year. If I could go back in time things might have been better. But everything happens for a reason, so I wouldnt go back in time if i could. Lesson Learned.


If i had the opportunity to speak with my past self as a senior in high school i would advise myself to choose Neumann because I have had an overall good experience and have made many friends who i believe are friends for life. I would also advise myself to try living on campus even for just a year because it is a regret of mine that I never took the opportunity to attempt living with anyone else besides my family. Last but not least I would tell myself to work hard and never give up because in the end it was all worth it.




I was always school oriented in high school and kept my head focused. However, I was always worried about money and not being able to receive a higher education. I would tell myself to not let that get in the way, becuase I am here now in the same situation I was in highschool - broke. I work a lot and receive financial aid, but the loans are still unbearing to deal with. Either way, many people are going through the same situation I am; therefore, I would tell myself to never worry about my situation and let it ruin any thoughts of going to college becuase you can make it anywhere you want to reguardless of your situation.


I would make sure that I would know to get involved in activities and clubs as soon as possible. These clubs are where I have met some of my closest friends. Don't be afraid that you won't fit into the club, chances are your not the only one that feels this way. Your uniquness will bring new ideas not otherwise heard. Please don't be afraid to ask for help. the only stupid questions are the ones not asked. This could refere to class or to finacial probelms or how to get to a place somewhere around campus. Asking will just make your life easier and eliminate uneeded stress. Most importants, don't be afraid of meeting new people. They could change your life.


Focus on deciding what you want to be before looking for a school.


The advice I would give myself is to stay focused and enjoy what life has to offer. Friends will come and go but your education will always be there to support you. Sometimes you will have to deal with difficult and weird experiences that may teach you a lesson. Enjoy all college has to offer because you can only get one chance to succeed.


I would tell myself not to give up or be afraid. College is all about finding out who we are and overcoming challeges. It was a great experience that i will never forget. Also be involved on campus, it gives you somthing to do, meet lots of new people, and learn about yourself. Make sure you always go to class and hand all work in on time, and you will be fine. Also enjoy this while it last because those 4 or 5 years go by fast! Reminder relax, study, learn, and have fun!!!!!! You will not regret, dont be afraid be free and


The college experience is the best thing that ever happened to me, and going to college will be one of the best decisions in life. You learn so much, meet so many new people, and gain friends for life.


Definitwly visit the school. Look at the size, requirements for your major, see what activities go on on campus, see how preofessors are, and also how rooming goes on.


Before making the final decision, make sure you have searched thoroughly within all possibilities. Also, make sure you have financial aid planned, loans planned, and payment options before getting yourself into the situation not knowing what to do; it's better to do them before hand. College is not out there to get you, it is there to help you reach your highest potential. Students should get involved as much as possible to have the full experience of college. Overall, always make the best of every opprotunity and keep positive.


I would advise parents and students that, in order to find the right college for you, you have to know your strengths and your weaknesses. You would have to know what you want to do with your life and what path you can take to get there. For example, if you are a person who is easily distracted and you cannot determine when it is time to have fun or when it's time to concentrate, you cannot go to a "party school". If you are a no-nonsense type of person, who would rather not get into all the activites that goes on in college, go to a very strict college. Also for the parents, make sure that you stay involved in your child's college search. Make sure you know what the schools are labeled as and what they are known for. Make sure that you research all aspects of financial aid available for you to do. Those are the most important issues for your college search.


Tour the college and research the major the student wants to make sure they want to get involved in that. Everything after that is a bonus.


do your research and visit the campus. talk to real students and don't believe everything you hear a college will say anything to get you to go there


The advise that I will give to upcoming college students and parents is that to choose a college that best fits them. Parents please dont pressure your child to go to a school because thats just setting them up for failure because they did not want to go in the first place. Students pick a college that suits you make sure the college has the major you want to pursue and the activities that you are interested in. Overall have fun in chooseing your school and good luck.


If I could give advice to parents or students for finding the right college I would say look for a college that best fits the students. For example, I would have become very distracted if I would have attended a huge campus with many classmates. At Neumann College the classroom sizes are very small and less distracting. But, other students don't mind the sizes of a classroom or campus so learning distractions won't be an issue. So my advice for a great learning experience would be to find a college that won't distract you and will help you succeed. Another thing I would advice is for parents to find a college they can afford because paying for college could become a burden to. I advice them to look for colleges that offer scholarships, work study and grants, some type of financial assistance to help you through school. My advice for parents and students is to find a college that best fits you and to set goals and do what it takes to complete them and there will be downfalls but don't let that discourage you and keep trying.


If I had to give advice to a student or parent getting ready to enroll in college, I would advise them to look at the surroundings of the school. It is the one place that the student will see most over the years and it is best that he or she enjoys his or her campus. I would also advise the student and parent to see how much financial aide the school gives the average student. More times that not, the average student gets less money than the dissabled student or the well off student. I would also look at the desired schools website and first off, make sure that they have the aspiring major wanted and extracurricular activities then see how student are on campus. If they're miserable, chances are, you will be too. Then take a tour. This will all maximize your enjoyment and college experience.


The best advice i could give is to go with your gut. Pick a school that you know you are well suited for. If you do not pick a place that you are going to be happy, well it is going to be a long four years.


Do some research about the college and take a visit and see what is like on campus.


I think that many students preparing to find the college for them focus solely on academics. Grant it, I understand that academics is the number one priority when attending college I have also come to discovery that students must look for on-campus activities and weekend life when chosing the college that is right for them. While one school may be the best choice for the students major, they must also be happy with their living environment and their social life. If a student consistently feels out of place or bored then they will find alternative, unsafe activities to participate in. The non-home feeling also tends to cause discomfort which leads to the student having an unsafe or ineffective learning environment. This brings me back to my first is about academics, but many more things go into learning besides the books and the teachers. Environmental factors also contribute to the level of the students academic achievement, however, when chosing a college this is often overlooked. I believe that this factor should be focused on a great deal more by students and parents when finding the best possible college for the student to attend.


Choosing a college that suits an individuals certain needs and goals is key when deciding to continue your education. When making the decision as to where to attned school, a student should keep their options open. The student should weigh their options and identify the pros and cons for each possible candidate. Applying on time and giving enough time to decide is perinent. This allows a student to be more in control of their selection and have time to think about it . Lastly, getting involved on campus and truly focusing on educational goals maximizes a students college experience. Getting involoved gives a student a feeling of satisfaction and contribution. Focusing on educational goals permits a student to work harder at what they want to achieve and keeps them motivated. All of the above stated factors are a culmination of tips and advice I think would fully guide a student in choosing the right college to attend and how to maximize their college experience.


the advice I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is that, the main thing that you need to keep in mind is that education goes first. The school's academic records is way more important than how much fun you have there or if it is a party school or not. Parents need to do their research on schools that their children apply to. Do not let them do it all by themselves. It is a family effort. First narrow down the schools and then see how finacially you can afford the school.


I would advise parents and students to never pick a college for one reason, weigh the pros and cons. Students talk to your parents and not only for money. Tell them of your progress they want to hear from you. If you feel that the college or if college overall is not for you don't be afraid to tell them. Make responsible choices don't think that you have to do anything that you don't want to for a crowd, and if you think you want to do those things or think that you look cool think again you look bad and putting them up on facebook is even more wrong, companies look through it, teachers do too. Have fun but find a balance, school is importatnt as well as good friends. Parents know your children's friends, have faith that they can do well don't baby them because this is a critical time in their lives. Be faithful that they can make their own decisions at times.


When applying to a school, be sure to check out the campus first. Make sure the school you choose has everything you want a college to offer, and then some. Do not choose a school strictly for financial reasons, but choose a place where you feel you will truly be happy.


dont wait till the last minute. the present dictates your future. dont get left behind. the earlier you apply the better.


Dont make your college experience based off what your friends are picking. Your school will become your home for the next four years so make sure that your at a place where your comfortable . College is all about the experience it's where you learn the most about yourself more than anytime in your life. College is fun you meet new people and experience new things but dont forget the reason why your there and thats to prepare for your furture. Remember stay focused and have fun college years are your most important years of your life.


Figure out what your learning style is, then find out what each styles classrooms are like to see if they fit your style. Classroom size and a schools surroundings are a big part of feeling comfortable at college and being able to obtain better grades. Go with the school that you know you will love, no matter what the cost may be. If you are comfortable with a school and know you will receive the best education with that school, dont go anywhere else just because of money or family. Choosing a school is completely about what you want, and it is important to keep that in mind when the pressures of family and friends come about.


The advice that i would give to parents or students about looking for the right college would be what kind of school do you want. Do you want to go to a big school like Penn State University or a small school like Neumann College which has about 2500 students. And location is another, for instance do you want to be able to come home whenever like on the weekends or do you want to stay at school thats more then 100miles away til the holiday times when you can come home. To make the most of the college experience is the easiest to do. Get involved with activities after classes are done for the day which then will open you up to making many friends that you will have for a lifetime. College is a time to have fun but also do your work that will set you up for your future career. That is the advice that i would give parents and future students on how to find the right college.