Nevada State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The school I attend does not have very many bad qualities, they are generally good.


Personally, the worst thing about my school is that they doen't have the options that i want or offer me anything that I can really see myself doing in the future.


Distance. I live in far north part of Las Vegas and when taking an on-campus class it is about 40 miles to get there.


The worst thing about Nevada State College is the lack of staff response. When you need information from advisors, registration offices, etc. they hardly ever respond. You constantly get voicemails and never recieve call backs. The staff seems to brush off student needs.


I think that the only thing I do not like about NSC is that it is such a new school that their funding is not as great as the funding for other colleges therefore the library, book store, and overall campus is limited. This requires students to look elsewhere for things such as library book, supplies, and even classes. The college deserves more funding because the faculty and students are so devoted to the school and deserve the best.


The main campus book store is very far drive.


I feel that the only negative thing about the school I am currently attending would be the lack of advisor/student communication during the high school to college transition. In high school counselors are very helpful and reach out to you, but in college advisors expect an individual to know everything there is to know about college. Although it is difficult at first, it is very easy to get used to once an individual builds a communication with his/her advisor.


There are not enough class selections.