Nevada State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe any person who wants to better themselves should attend this achool. I do not feel college is for any one person more than it is for another. As long as you have the drive, motivation and persistance you will do fine.




Anyone who knows what they want to make out of themselves should attend this school. Someone who can see themselves in a nursing program or with a degree in Psychology. That's just not me


If you like a smaller teacher to sudent ratio, this is the school for you.


With the school I am currently atttending being the frist accredited 4-year public college in Nevada, anyone should attend this school. They offer a great variety of majors and minors, and they also have a very diverse student body. From everything to tail-gates to first day personal introductions, every single person is welcomed to the school. Therefore, an individual with any type of personality will be able to build a strong career at this school.