New England College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school, New England College is best known for its extreme diversity on campus. For the three years that I have been here, the diversity rates have only been increasing. Freshman year, I was one of the very few African American’s on campus, but bow, it would surprise me to walk 5 minutes everywhere and not expect to be to see any one of color. And besides that fact, there are also many more Hispanics, islanders, and there is always and insanely large number of international students presents.


Up all night


One of the reasons why New England College was on my radar during by application process was because of its well-known education program. I've never been the person to take the easy way out, and I knew by going to NEC I would be challenged constantly in the major I wished to pursue. After one semester I can already tell that New England College will prepare me to be the best and most successful teacher that I could possibly be.


The small size and professor availability.


NEC is best known for the small, welcoming and friendly community.


NEC = Not Even College. That's what they try to tell you, but your education is what you put into it. I love the small community and being able to recognize every face that I walk past. It's not the right choice for everyone but it was the right choice for me - and I was accepted to Ivy League schools too! College isn't about money or about rank, it's about you. You make the choice.


Small class size and more interaction with the professor. Faculty and staff know as a student not a number. Students who are transfers are considered for a ten-thousand dollar scholarship upon acceptance.