New England College Top Questions

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I believe what makes our school so unique is that we are so honed in on our students, and being able to have the time to help them and no brusht them off. The students here all primarily get along just fine.


You're given free lift tickets to the local ski area.


New England College is unique compared to other schools that I have considered because I believe it has a strong student network where the most of the students are involved in a lot of different activities besides schoolwork. I also find the professors want everyone to succeed and push for perfection from there students.


It is a small school so you know more people and the professors are able to give you the attention that you need.


NEC offers a lot of resources for people with learning disabilities. The student body is represented by over 30 countries. There are a ton of clubs and club-sports. Henniker is a beautiful small town. It's very safe here. The teachers are great, and the classes are small.