New England College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing I consider about my school is the heating. In the winter months of New Englanad it gets very cold and coming into a warm building would make going to class so much easier. Sitting in class rooms that are freezing does not make the learning enviroment anymore comfortable. If the classrooms were warmer students would be more inclinded to come to every class and would have a more comfortable time learning.


For me, personally, it is the location. It is very close to my hometown and so I made the decision to commute from home. Commuting is a tough challenge, but I believe the same is true with any college, so not necessarily is this a fault of New England College.


The worst thing about school is that there is not much to do, by that I mean consdering how much they charge for tuition every year they should atleast give us something as a reward in return. Also the food they serve make the students sick to thier stomachs almost every day.


rural location. sometime you can find yourself with nothing to do and no where to go. needs more latenight activities.


I can't speak for each program of study, but the education department is very unstructured. Students are placed in classes based on their availability rather than the experience or prerequisites they should have received first. As I first transferred in as a Junior, credit wise, I was placed in a class in which I was completely unprepared for because I didn't have the background or experience I needed to understand the topics covered throughout the semester.


The worst thing about New England College would be the college being in the middle of no where. Theirs no shops malls or anything entertaining. Students have to drive a half an hour away to the next town Concord for the fun.


The worst thing about New England College is the Organization of our Financial Aid Services. They are always willing to help out the students, but they are many times very disorganized in there paperwork.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of student engagement. There is a lack of interest in some of the lower-level classes about the course material, which makes for boring discussion. There is a lack of engagement in the Henniker community. Our school has a bad reputation with the town, which makes some students apathetic towards community service. The longer I am here, the more noticeable it is so me that a handful of certain students participate in a lot of the on-campus activities. There isn't much variety.


The worst thing about the school is that there are a lot of students here who are not career oriented and do not try very hard. Also, this is a very small town and college and there is not that much to do around here. One other thing is that the local police department targets the college students because of the size of the town.


Cliques; certain people (athletes, minorities) hang out with certain people.