New England College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


One of the worst things about my school are the expense books.The classes are already high and when you sell the books back, its worth very little or nothing at all.


A person who is looking for a moderately low populated school, a student whom is dedicated to sports but it is not their life and wants to do well on their academics.


The kind of person that should attend this college is someone who is nervous about college and afraid about that work they give in college. Here at New England College you get the most help as possible as needed/


Someone who is willing to pay the price. It costs a lot of money and for our money there should be more area's for the students.


Any person who wants a small learning environment and a tightly knit community, New England College works with students to help them grow as people and as students even if certain students did not do well in their history, the institution is willing to put in as much as the student is willing to put in.


Someone who enjoys being in small classes and enjoys being in small towns and likes quaint areas. Also, this school has the best education program in the state of New Hampshire.


A social person who enjoys meeting new people.