New England Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The person that attend's this school should be highly motivated, serious about their future plans in life and be ready to work very hard to achieve their goals as a student to recieve the degree of their choice.


anyone who may need a extra had with school work. very hands on learning and help everywhere you turn people who like small classrooms


Lazy people


I don't think person who are not motivated to perform should attend. Also if your learning style is of a passive nature then it might not be a fit, then again in your learning style is passive then most tech. schools would not be a fit.


New England Tech is a school that is for someone who knows what they want to do. It is not a college where you can come and goof around, you have to be serious about it, and stay on point with your school work and tests. If someone doesnt do well with hands on work, or reading the material when you are not inclass, they are not going to succeed,

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