New England School of Communications Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The fear of not having the money to return each fall. And the amount of loans I have accumulated. Why? It's terrifying.


The thing that I consider the worst at my school is the dining accomodations. I have Celiac disease which means I am not able to eat foods containing gluten. I find it hard to eat most of the meals that are prepared by the school because they often use ingredients that I am not able to eat so I don't get the best meals that I can and I find myself not eating healthy portions as it is difficult to do so.


The area that I think needs improvement at my school is providing more events & activities for the weekends. Unfortunately I have found it to be basically a Mon-Fri college. The NESCom & Husson Unversity campus pretty much clears out for the weekend.