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NHIA is continuously growing and seeking ways to be a better college, while having every best interest in mind for faculty, staff, and student. It is close to home and conveniently near many stores and places to eat. The instructors all love what they do, and really care for every student, creating work environments that give each individual attention and creative feedback to make us better. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a cafe eager to provide affordable nutrition to its "starving artists." NHIA also just built a brand new dorm, " the first entirely "green" building in NH!


This school is just trying to take your money and screw you over on an education. Don't fall for their talk about "new upcoming classes" I'm still waiting on their "new theatre program" to magically appear. A large number of the students are drugged up with high school mentalities. And teachers seem to think a proper way of teaching is picking favorites and failing others. I have yet to have a friend graduate from this college, all have dropped out to pursue other opportunities or we're successful in transferring.