New Hampshire Institute of Art Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Of course, for obvious reasons, only those who are passionate about the arts should be attending this school. With a mainly fine arts based curriculum, I would imagine it to be difficult to succeed if creativity isn’t your strength. If you dreaded art class in high school, this is probably not the school for you. This also isn’t a school for anyone who isn’t about the city life. Being located in downtown Manchester really gives you the exposure to living in a small city.


If you aren't open to suggestions and constructive critism... just keep on lookin'. This school is all about that, it's an art school. Everyone here is trying to help you get better at your work, don't knock something down before you try it.


Conservative, doesn't care about art


One should not attend this school if he or she is looking for a liberal arts school. This school is only for art majors and because of this, some art students may want a liberal arts school just so they can have a variety of different classes that do not necessarily revolve around art. Sometimes at NHIA, art no longer feels like a hobby. It feels more like work and its definitely hard to keep up at times. Some students may want the liberal arts school, so they are not overwhelmed with art and it can still be a hobby.


If NHIA didn't accept anyone willing to broaden their abilities and open their minds, it wouldn't be the school it is. If someone applies with little interest in persuing art in some form, they'll be turned away. We are open to creative minds. Every kind of person is welcome, but only those who have no passion for art will leave empty-handed. The person who pretends to walk, talk, and breathe creativity, but is lazy and unproductive outside of class, he who ignores the artists who have come before him, will leave here empty-handed and broke.