New Hampshire Institute of Art Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


One thing I regret about my senior year of high school is not applying to enough colleges. I only applied to one, which in the end didn’t follow through. I wish I had explored more career paths instead of having my heart set on one career goal. I should have taken advantage of college fairs and really should have done my research on what’s best for my situation. There are so many unique jobs out there that I didn’t even know existed and it’s something I could have taken time to really dive into. As for the actual transition between high school and college, it was quite easy. College scheduling is a lot more flexible than I expected and I psyched myself out a little at the idea of attending university when I was in high school. In all honesty, I’m happy with how my journey panned out. Although it was stressful, I feel as if I have learned more about myself out of high school than I ever have in my entire life.


I would have applied for more scholarships and done more things to be more involved with others. I would have taken my classes mroe serisouly.


Hello, Lucas. This is me. Allow me to give you some pointers to follow while you are going through the final year of your high school career. Firstly, listen to yourself. If you do not want to do something, then DON'T. If you do want to do something, DO IT. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Living life with regrets is living a full of burden. Take chances, make decisions, start now!


Apply to more scholarships. Save money!


Try as hard as you can. Don't give up on art projects that aren't going your way. And do your still lives when your art teacher tells you to!


Pay attention to grades A LOT. Your scholarships are everything. Enroll in as many classes as possible right off the bat- try and cut down the amount of classes you have to take senior and junior year. ACTUALLY STUDY for art history- these grades are easier to achieve if you actually try.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself, I would first tell myself to forget about Anna Maria College and go to New Hampshire Institute of Art because the transferring process was hard and the transition from a secure campus to a campus in the city was difficult. I would also say that art has always been your first love and you should not second guess yourself because you don't think you have the talent. You do have talent! It just takes some practice in order to see improvement. A very important tip for myself is to apply to as many scholarships as possible and apply for work study or get a job as soon as possible. School is very expensive even with financial aid and scholarships become extremely helpful. The final tip for myself would be to get involved and join a club. It is hard making friends enough as it is and joining a club is a good way to meet people. It is important to have friends to create a strong support group. College can be stressful at times and a support group including your friends and parents will be very helpful.


If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten better grades in high school. I would have taken more art classes other than Ceramics like drawing and painting so that I would have been better during my foundation year at the NHIA. I didn't think I would go to college after high school until my Art teacher inspired me to continue my education. She felt that I had a gift in Ceramics and she continued to push me to be more creative. I am really grateful to her but I wish that I had realized it sooner, that getting good grades and having a better GPA would help me to get more financial aide and more scholarship money.


College is amazing; it is giving me an experience to obtain the fundamentals of the art world that I need to become a better artist, painter, and teacher. Through color theory I gain an understanding of how to even make gray look like the color blue, due to its surrounding colors. In Drawing one, I learn about different ways to make depth, value, texture, the list goes on and on. My 2 Dimension class tests my creativity, and shows me that I am able to use twenty-five different medias for 25 different pictures and make them have unity. Digital Imaging class shows me that it is possible to take two different peoples' faces and make them look like one person, and if an old picture is town that it can be restored though photo -shop. The Math class provided shows me how math is used within the art world, such as the golden ratio, and Fibonacci 's rule. These classes are valuable to me because with ever new technique I learn and skill i obtain, I become stronger at the skill which I plan on basing my life around. Art is not just a career. It is a life.


I took a lot of advise with me to college, enabling me to stay strong in every situation I faced, but I would advise myself in a few other ways as well: I believe I would have benefited from hearing before hand how important it is to learn as much as I could about other artists and how and why they did what they did. It becomes imperative to your overall art knowledge and in improving your own skills. College life is really intense, but really fulfilling. I wish I had heard that I should keep my eyes open in every situation, as I'd find out a lot more than I'd ever realize. I should respect everyone's views completely and let God guide me through every relationship. As a high school student I had only a faint idea of what college would be like, but knew that if I could stand firm in my faith through such a big transition in life, I'd really get a raw chance to grow in character and in ability. That excited me most, to become a new person, better and more educated about the real world, myself, and art.