New Jersey City University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is nothing to do when it comes to clubs and greeks.


There is nothing to do when it comes to clubs and greeks.


The cost of student health insurance is too high.


The food pricing in the cafeteria, the trucks outside the campus are cheaper & better.


The lack of motivation among students. Many are receiving scholarships from the government and being given a chance to overcome difficult circumstances through education, but they throw away their chance. Many students would rather party than study and then wonder why their GPA is a 1.5. The faculty is good and some of our departments (i.e Education) are very reputable within the state, but students, typically undergraduates age 18-22 do not take advantage of that.


nothing is worst in my college but i want to study in taht university and i want see the potential from all over the world


The worst thing about the school is the financial aid office and the bursar's office because they are always mess up students' accounts.

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