New Jersey City University Top Questions

What should every freshman at New Jersey City University know before they start?


Dear self, never be afraid to take chances. College life is scary but stay focused on the vision and we will be fine. What's most important is for you to stay focused on what you want and not whats best for everyone else. Everyone will have hopes, wishes and aspirations for you but follow your initial desire. Your instincts are awesome.


I would tell myself is to hang in there because you're too smart to just work a labor job for the rest of your life. As a high school senior my mindset was to just get a job and make money because I thought college was too expensive. Sitting for hours on end to conquer a video game, drinking, and hanging out was also expensive and a waste of time. I went to community college because my mom told me to, dropped out when I found a job making a lot of money, and went back because I learned making money wasn't as important as finding a job that I look forward waking up to. I would also tell me to believe in yourself, don't second guess your desires, and don't be afraid to stand out. I spent so much time knowing I was different and trying to blend in that I wasted time and talent being afraid. It took me a while to get to that point where I can grow and love myself so I would give senior me this advice and say it would save a lot of heartache.


In my personal experience and observations, i would tell myself not to procrastinate anything,be more organised and research as much as you can. Also, apply to as many scholarships as you can. Never take a day off when it comes to scholarships and reseaching about school. Furthermore, look at as many colleges as you possibly can even colleges that you think were to far fetched. Moreover, take a lot more pictures because once high school is gone you never get it back.Additionaly,set up college tours to all the schools that you are interested your junior year instead of senior year. Finally, apply for hesaa,fafsa and colleges as early aspossible, do not wait until last minute to do so.


Dear Graduate I know it feels strange saying I'm not a freshman anymore . Well you are now contemplating whether to go to college or go straight into the workforce. As you walk through your halls you think back to a time where no mattter how long you walked you still can't see the end. You are now the young adult you dreamed of but the future is now what you fear. You have been through the rain, snow, and scaled mountains. You have stared down the complexity of math , the cycle of science, the nuts and bolts of history, and the beauty of the english language,. I applaud you for completing community service and recieving honorable mention to separate times. You held strong through the hspa and the sats. With your cap and gown in hand and your yearbook on your desk , remember that college is the introduction to the real world and always be informed..


make sure you look fo more scholarships and have people who support you around you


My experience at New Jersey City University College so far is a pleasant one. I referred to the school as refreshing. Being that it is my first year, I am classified as a freshman. Being that I am an adult, I say " Im refreshing." That's the most value, knowing that knowledge is there for the taking, understanding that the recession created a competitive mindstate so we have adapt and improve on our attributes. This experience will give me the chance to work on these neccessities.


I have gained a greater sense of responsibility and organization. Along with these attributes, I have learned to become more disciplined. Overall a better person and more intelligent.


I started college years ago, and obtained my Biology Degree. In 1996, a BS, I thought was the only degree I needed. Since then, life happened, two kids, and laid off from a great job I have had for 10 years, I am starting over. College is a second chance, I am learning. It is a chance of new possibilities, new beginnings. My new degree will help me help people. I want to make the world a better place, cure sickness, cure my son from his disabilities. I want to reflect on my life in 40 years and be happy that I have made a difference in this world. It is a world of endless possibilities, starting over, beginning again.


I've been in attendance at York Technical Institute since May 2010 and my program (Computer Systems Specialist) will run until Feb. 2012. Honestly, since the first day I started, I had my doubts about this program, and what I could actually get out of it: it's not like me to question myself, or second guess my abilities, but I knew absolutely NOTHING about computers beyond how to open applications, and web browsers, I honestly thought I was in over my head, and I wasn't sure if I could handle it at first....but I'm more than happy to report that inspite of all the challenges, and obstacles, I've been succeeding in my classes, and have since developed a ever-growing love for computers, and the related field!! I'm really enjoying talking to classmates, and socializing with higher term students about their various specialties, and skills in the computer, and IT related fields of study, and I'm learning so much everyday, that when I go home at the end of day, I can laugh to myself knowing that soon, I'm gonna be every bit as knowledgeable as those other guys are!!


I have been taught that by going to college I recieve more money for the same postion then if I had not gone. It also opens up doors that otherwise would be closed to me giving me more opportunities. It shows you things that you didn't even know you were interested in and allows you to imagine a whole new future for yourself.