New Jersey City University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


in my experience, i wished i had known how difficult it was going to be ,y transition from high school were people guide you with everything. unlike,NJCU were i had to do everything myself and the work it takes to get everything done without any guidance or not much knowledge of the entire transition.


William L Dickinson High School is a historic goldmine that is rich and tanglible like the worlds that fought, This school is a diverse melting pot and proud of it. Minus the enormous student body their academics and sports are amazing. Their motto is Do you best, Have Respect, Stay in school. Althoughh they have lost two of the most influential leaders of the school community, they pulled through and are stronger than ever before.


when loans were paid out


I wish I had known that my campus would have been so empty. There are not that many people to sociolize with.


I wish I would have known that they have a certain amount of non-degree classes that are required to be completed before you can focus on your degree courses.


I wish that I woyuld have known that the tuition was going to raise every year.