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Tell us about the food and dining options.

At NJIT, you have plenty to choose from, but like anything else, it gets boring by the end of the semester. Because I dorm, i get "continuous dining" which is like a buffet style cafeteria, you swipe once and get to eat as much as you want. There's a lot of choices there- grill, rotisserie, fajita station,nacho station, pizza, and there's new international entres every day. There's also a sushi bar and an area to just make whatever you want called, "Wok it up." Outside the cafeteria there's a Starbuck's, grill, Taco Bell, salad bar and a lot of what's inside except without the entres and cook your own stuff stations. We also have a pub with more grill options and wings and beer (if you're over 21). Finally, if you get bored of all this, we have a lot of small restaurants and grease trucks around us since there's other colleges and Newark also has a lot of delicious restaurants in the Ironbound area that will not break your budget.

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There are plenty of places around to eat, as well as a pretty solid campus dining service that gives you plenty of options (sweets, dinners, international entrees, pasta, grill, carving station, fajitas, potatoes, breakfast, stir fry, salad, desserts, fruits, veges, make it yourself pizza/nachos, soups). There is Subway, Taco Bell, A salad place, a convenience store, a pizza place, and a commuter lounge all on campus with tons of food options.

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