New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place for "Left-Brained" individuals who love math, science, and solving problems.


Our school looks like a crime-infested pit laying in the heart of Newark (far from the truth, but the jokes do get made).


It's a small city school, so there's more concrete than green, but the school does have a plan/project to improve this and expand the school. NJIT is pretty much a green grassy rectangle with a bunch of building around it, including the student center, which is probably why the student center is the hub for all students all the time. There are some extras outside of the "rectangle," a few more buildings (mostly the newer ones), a new soccer field, some newer dorms and the parking deck. It's a quaint place, but nothing spectacular and it makes it easy to walk to class.


This school is for those who seek an engineering or computer degree.


NJIT is a very diverse school with determined, hard working students seeking to be successful after graduation with their background of preparation being NJIT.


Very urban.


NJIT is a prestigious institution where the professors set out their very own goals to help their students bring out their best assets and to acheive the one important thing it has to offer: an education.


New Jersey Institute of Technology is one of the top engineering schools in the country that provides me with proper skills and learning to prepare me for a productive career and strengthen my potential for lifelong personal and professional growth.


NJIT is what you make of it, from its social life, to your education, to the area.


The school is quaint and research based.


focus on engineering, lots of math


My school is a very diverse school with acceptable size classrooms


This school is what you make of it, if you come here wanting to have a good time you will have a good time.


New Jersey Institute of Technology is what would be considered a typical technical university with a skewed male to female ratio and relatively less to offer in terms of social life, but with excellent research and career prospects.


This historic building on the NJIT campus in Newark, NJ was an award-winning restoration in 2006. Designed by John Welsh, a prominent figure in every Who's Who list of American architecture, Eberhardt Hall was built John Welsh in 1851 as the Newark Orphan's Asylum. Purchased by NJIT in 1948, this registered historic site today serves as the university's Alumni Center.




a great place to be educated, both institutionaly and culturaly


The most cost effective school in the Tri-State area.


Situated in an urban setting with great access to public transportation.


My school is full of smart teachers, but they are too cocky sometimes especially the ones from Princeton and Harvard.


NJIT is a very diverse, competitive, technology based university that provides everyone with an excellent opportunity to follow their individualized career paths.


Although my school is racially diverse it is lacking in gender diversity


New Jersey institute of Technology is a well diverse and well organized school for young adults to learn and expand their minds.

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