New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are all relativley intelligent, and will be successful when they tap their potential.


There is some diversity amongst our campus, but there isn't enough to negate any stereotypes about the people here. There are a large number of South-Asians, with Caucasians coming right behind them. There are a great deal of mixed people, but no one really acts like anyone's different from themselves. Students who are used to the idea of "college is full of new girls to meet" would be pretty out of place here, because the male-female ratios ARE very bad. Most students dress like they normally would, with a few individuals standing out. Some majors converse with others, but they each have their group within their major that they hang out with mostly (unless you are in a fraternity of sorts). In the Dining Hall, there are a lot of tables that get taken up by people not wanting to sit next to each other and eating alone. Most of the students are from Jersey.


Campus seems to be rather progressive in all areas, due to the incredibly mixed student body. There are extracurricular clubs for all sorts of different ethnic and sexual groups; however you identify yourself, NJIT almost certainly has a club for you. No one is out of place. I don't pay attention to fashion, but different students interact all the time. In the dining hall, one table will consist of all Middle Eastern kids of varying genders; at another, three Caucasians and two Asians will be chatting about gaming or classes. At yet another, a few black kids will almost certainly be sitting together; and at still another will be a quiet fat kid absorbed in his salad and laptop (this is me). Most students, if I had to guess would be from Jersey, though there's undoubtedly many out-of-state students who have emigrated to our lovely campus. Financial background seems to be pretty mixed, though I generally don't ask as it's not polite. Students seem to very politically aware, though you'll generally only notice it around election time. Again, campus is very mixed, so I'd imagine the overall political viewpoint is to the left, but again, I haven't asked. I haven't heard anyone talk about how much they learn, but I don't think anyone has done that since grade school.


I don't really have much experience with religious or racial groups on campus.However I play on the men's soccer team and there are kids on the team from all over the world. I don't think any student would feel out of place at my school because it is so diverse. Most students dress casual to school. Yes different types of students do interact i have witnessed this many times in the dining hall. When i walk in the dining hall there is always a mix of kids sitting together it never seems to be segregated. Students are from all over the place for example the middle east, Asia, South America and America. Most students seem to be financially stable. Students are politically aware and predominantly center. Students always talk about their future and what they would like to or will earn in the future.


NJIT I believe is one of the most diverse universities I have ever visited. I noticed a wide variety of focus on transfer students in NJIT amongst new admissions as well. One other thing is that if the classmates in the class are of the same origin, there is bound to be a violation of the Honor Code as opposed to that classroom with fewer groups of the same ethnic backround. These ethnis groups walk around in packs.


My classmates were very diversity since they were from different countries and that make it very interesting to interact with them.


My classmates are very friendly and energetic people, always willing to help and offer advice on my projects.


A sea of diversity, everyone is different, but all have a common goal.


My classmates are very diverse,unique,and future driven.


My classmates are very studious, and they are very good with time management, which helps them excell in this school.


My classmates are competitive yet sociable.


My classmates are really involved in their academics. They focus in class and they happen to be very nice when it comes to helping out others. My classmates always seem to particpate in classroom activities and the class average is always above a C. I would say that i have some of the best classmates because we all work well with each other . We always seem to come to agreements and thats shows that they have very good perspective skiils. When it comes to social skills, the majority of my classmates are really cool and fun to be around.




My classmates are very studious and always ready to learn.


The students that I share my time with here at NJIT are probably the most ethnically and culturally unique group of people I have ever encountered.


for the most part my classmates are friendly and will help explain things if asked to


Most of the students were working and going to school at the same time so they were mostly mature about what they were doing and how seriously they would take their studies. At the same time you would find a lot of competion among the classmates which was a very beneficial thing.


The student body seems pretty diverse, which is a plus side also. Everytime you pass the student center, there are diverse religous/racial groups supporting their cause and trying to give insight about their beliefs or what their culture is all about.


The campus is very diverse; they form groups together or mingle with other crowds. In my experience the whole student body has been friendly and open to everyone, clicks have never been a problem.


we have a weird mix of students, lots of overseas kids from like India/Russia/Korea and what not some dudes on the soccer team of from like Sweden or somewhere, but then we also have a bunch of people from NJ, in state tuition baby ... There are people from other states and stuff, but we could probably use more ... not too much political stuff here everyone is too busy working on school stuff ... if want to learn a foreign language skip the classes just go to njit and sooner or later you'll meet up with somebody who speaks the language you want to learn and then hang out with them.


My classmates a relatively quiet because our main focus is to do well in school above anything else. If we happen to make friends along the way, it is considered a bonus.


Everyone at this school is really friendly, willing to help , and fun to hang out with. There are so many different racial backgrounds, which is awesome because you can learn a lot about different cultures.


There is a mix of classmates, some are helpful but most are not and are only looking out for themselves.


Some of the students are lost, most of the students do not care and/ or put enough effort into classes or learning, few study and care about learning and graduating.


My classmates are very helpfull when i need it and they are all very easy to get along with!


Most are driven to learn and achieve their goals and very career orientated.


My classmates are all helpful and have that desire to learn


Most of my classmates are brilliant, focused, fun-loving, helpful and hard-working.


My classmates are either social outgoing involved indivuals or very reserved computer geeks.


My classmates are helpful

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