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All in all, if I had to pick schools again, I'd probably still end up in NJIT. I can't imagine myself taking IT courses anyplace else, or having met different people than the ones I've already met. I'm sure this is just because I've been here for three years now, but with an easy entry level into the school and tons of options available to whoever might be interested in applying, its definitely a big school to consider if your major of choice falls into the spectrum of what is offered here.


Again, the uniqueness was the fact that students were not just databases of knowledge but also the knew how to go out there in the real world and survive. So I can characterize students of NJIT as more marketable


Positives: Safety is pretty good Educational value is really good you'll get a job right away the avg person an individual makes right away from NJIT is 65,000-75,000 Negatives: Social life sucks Campus is really small and boring The NJIT gym sucks The food is terrible if you plan to go to NJIT, i suggest you commute, don't waste your money.


Attending the university for a long time, being an architect, and seeing how the nearby other colleges operate has given me a lot of perspective on NJIT. The attitude that goes into campus planning and operations is in warded facing, they close the borders to city and 3rd party development. Rutgers across the street is outward facing in is planning, the campus just blends right into the community around it and they even help out 3rd party businesses. Another topic is that NJIT is forcing out Greek organizations, on the political front they are trying to help them out and give back, but the truth is that the only social life will soon be gone.


ummmm I probably should of been an engineer


This school is very ethnically and economically diverse. The school also offers smaller class sizes than the other schools I considered.


The school is very small resulting in small class sizes and a great deal of individual attention from professor on class


What's so unique about NJIT is that it caters to my needs. The classes sizes are just right, they have tutors to assist you with courses, and they push you to do your best.

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