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What are the most popular student activities/groups?




There aren't many docile group activities that our students are heavily involved in. The most influential is likely Greek Life, as is the idea of going out Thursday night. I met my closest friends through my friend from my home town, and we all get along and introduce each other to new people and help each other with our respective organizations.


I don't live on campus and don't belong to any groups, so I'm not much help in those areas. Guest speakers and the theater seem to generate a good turnout, though. I've dated twice in college, one of which ended disastrously, so I'm not the best person to talk to about that either. I met my friends through classes, usually either getting paired up in groups or just general small talk, although there's really only one person I've met from campus who I'd consider a good friend rather than just a school friend. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday it means something is terribly wrong, as I need to wake up a 6:30 for my morning commute. Parties seem frequent, judging by conversations I've overheard, and frat/sorority life seems to be extremely important for people who pledge. Last weekend I stayed home, played video games, and did math homework. I spend a majority of my time off campus, so video games and math homework aren't all I do. I hang out with friends, go on the computer, normal stuff.


I feel that the most popular groups on campus are athletic teams. Especially the basketball and soccer team. I am part of the Men's soccer team. I am the captain of the team. We are a competitive group and we all get a long really well Sometimes students leave their doors open in the dorms. Athletic events are pretty popular a lot of students attend them. I have gone to see a couple of guest speakers and they draw a good crowd. I know several people who are in relationships and i see couples walking through campus. The dating scene is very alive at my school. I have met all of my closest friends through soccer and school. If awake i'm awake at 2am i'm either studying or watching television. I believe that people party depending on how much school work they have. There are several fraternities and sororities at my school and many people follow them. Last weekend I had a soccer game, hung out with my friends and family and went out to eat. On a Saturday night that does not involve drinking I can go to the movies with my friends, go out to a party and not drink, play video games, or watch a sporting event. I go the New York City sometimes and play soccer off campus.


The biggest student orgs are Muslim Student Association, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers, and then a few other cultural ones that I don't remember. Then there's Society of Women Engineers, Student Government, Student Activities Council, that are really big too and always have activities. There are always activities going on in the campus center and tables set up to learn more about orgs and sometimes they have craft tables set up or food sales. Trust me, always something going on on-campus.


What I seem to see the most of and be a part of is career development services, like career fairs. The social availability of future progress for intended career have been priority at NJIT.


The most popular groups and teams on campus are greek life and the volleyball team. Even though these are the big things for social life, there arent many supporters. Again, social life is really bad. Most social life takes place in the pub or frat parties, other than that, people arent really that social, because many are commuters. The nightlife isnt big at all at njit, not many people are walking around excited what to do during the night. Even during NJIT day, not many people seem enthusiastic about it. The pub is pretty small, and not that active. Personally i am part of a frat, so my social life is pretty good.


I can't entirely blame the university, they try hard to change the social life at njit, but never the less it is almost absent. As a student is really up to them to find their group and activates. Options exist and there are many, but it is not in your face like other schools.


Step Team performin at the NJIT Meet the GREEKS


There are greeks around and they do a lot of stuff, but I never had time early on to get involved, there is always some organization or the other handing out free burgers or sodas, or selling like 50 cent cupcakes so that's cool, they got some good cheap ski/board trips in the winter Even if you don't find an NJIT party going on (and they do) you can always crash a Rutgers bash ...


who new Newark had a board park?

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