New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Classes range from unbelievably easy to unfathomably hard. While the hardest of courses will come in required courses that you usually aren't too concerned about, there are a handful in each major that pose problems to people who don't give them serious attempts.


If I may paraphrase the rapper Cryptic One, my classes run the gamut from outstanding to preposterous. Some are general, straightforward lectures, usually with a professor reading from a textbook or Powerpoint presentation - thankfully there aren't too many of these. Most of my classes tend to be more discussion-based, though this will obviously vary depending on what class you're taking and what professor you've gotten. Even among the humanities, there are some professors who very much enjoy the sound of their own voice, even above that of the students'.




My classes require a lot of work, but it all depends on your major. There are other majors that require way more work like architecture. However, we all take similar classes at first - calculus, physics, intro to programming, composition. The usual required classes are the same, except that they put a big emphasis on math and science. If you come to this school, you better like those two subjects. Other than that, classes are normal. Some professors are good, and others not, and some don't care if you're there or not. You'll see that your grade is mostly determined by 2-4 exams so we definitely make time for studying. There are obviously some real tough classes, but you'll always find someone to help you, you just have to want it.

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