New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the amount of smart, hard working students that create innovative projects at schoool.


The specialized course work.


The New Jersey Institute of Technology is full of intelligent and interesting individuals who are the future of all fields related to technology. The campus is a fun and exciting environment, but at the same time helps me stay academically focused. The work is very challenging and time consuming, but in the long run I know that it will help me with my future career as an Industrial Designer. I look foward to being successful and happy in my future, just as I feel now at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Nothing. Im almost embarrassed to say I go to this school.


Everyone knows each other very well.


The intensity of the Architecture work load and design problems that we need to solve. I also brag about the variety of new digital design courses and communication courses which are truly on the cutting edge of communication and design. The architecture electives that I have taken so far have also changed my view on design and has broadened the way I can solve problems and communicate ideas.


I don't brag about my school. I just say it is a difficult school to be in.


mostly guys are in it


NJIT is a very technical school. It is very ethnically diverse. Very academically challenging, but also teaches you alot


I usually brag about how easy it is to get around to all the buildings and how accesible the computer labs are.

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