New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It seems that this school is simply here just to provide education, not a college experience.


The worst thing about NJIT is the social community lacking in its interaction. If there was more active in school spirit, it would be more engaging and encourage the students that are already registered in the school to be more optimistic about wandering the campus. One thing I've noticed about wandering NJIT in the passed couple of years I've spent here is that students can also be more open to each other as opposed to the secluded and closed off groups they've created amongst the variety of ethinic groups available.


The dining hall does not serve good enough food for the price they charge. Also a lot of the workers are rude and not friendly at all.


Some professors know english as a second langauge, and I feel that some things are lost in translation.


I believe the worst thing about my school is the uneven number of girls to boys. The majority of the population of students in my school are males. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable attending a school dominated by males. It is just one of those things where one has to get used to.


That the faculty and staff don't care about the students. They care about their paychecks way more than how they treat the students. The staff would, and have, make the general student life on campus a little harder for students if it saved money for them so they don't have to lower saleries.


It's a little dangerous around campus.


Bad professors


The worst thing about my school is the fact that almost nobody stays on campus for the weekends, since it is such a large commuter school. This almost forces one to either go home oneself, or to have a boring time studying straight through the weekend for a quiz one very likely has on Monday of the next week.


The worst thing about my school is the financial assistance given to students and also the availability of certain mandatory courses.


There is too much schoolwork. But anywhere you go, engineering and the math and sciences are always difficult majors. On top of the majors being difficult, many are striving for a good GPA. You will find many people here to be stressed out with a lot of work and with little free time on their hands. The social life isn't the best either, but that is because we students do not have the time to invest in social activities.


there is nothing to do at school


I dont like its size. I have always been facinated with huge campuses.


the area it is located in


the faculty. professors do not know how to keep the students captivated. some professors can put you to sleep in the most interesting science classes. they'll turn protein engineering into a dull science


the math department, and our advisors because they do not seem to care about the students at all.


The only thing I think that my school is not doing right , is the cost of tuition its over board. The prices are going higher than usual. They should have more scholarships for student who are trying to do something good in there lifes but dont have a high gpa they should offer more help to students that have low income and are not residents of the United States. They're making those students drop there career, working in warehouses and factory, cause they cant successed in life. Students need more support and need to be taken more in consideration.


NJIT is a large commuter school. Seventy percent of students here commute, which makes the campus dead when classes are not in session. Also, the majority of those who live on campus go home every weekend, so there are only a handful of people here.


The social life at the school is not very good at all. Part of the reason for this is that the school is located in a crime ridden region or area of new jersey that is not too safe for students to go walking around.


there's no worst thing about my school. the bad thing is FOOD


The way of life here is terrible. There is so much focus on doing well in classes that no one has fun or lets loose. Everyone is constantly worried about their work, and in turn, the atmosphere here is very bleak and dreary.


not alot of women


Too ethnically diverse, too politically apathetic, too many cultural barriers because of all the foreign kids that don't speak English.


the way the teachers teach


The worst thing about New Jersey Insitute of Technology is the high tution.


The worst thing about NJIT is that, since it used to be an all-mens college before, floors of certain buildings have only one womens bathroom on the whole floor and 2 mens. Depending on what side of the building you are, the women sometimes have to walk to the other side in order to get to the bathroom.

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