New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?




Over the years, I have heard a couple of different and unique stereotypes regarding the students at my school. One of the stereotypes was that it is mostly a male dominated school and you will never spot a female on campus. This is not true at all. New Jersey Institute of Technology accepts many females into the college and the female population is rising drastically. Another silly stereotype I have heard is that NJIT is known for its students to commit suicide. Fortunately, I have never heard of such an incident occur.


The stereotype is that all NJIT students are geeks and only care about books. That is completely not true, NJIT is very diversed and people also go out and have a good time while still keeping up their grades.


My college is known for our terrible parties and the nerds! While this is very true, it doesn't hurt to befriend nerds. When surrounded by people who want to succeed, it makes the college experience a little less overwhelming.


There are many to be honest, a few being: everyone attending school at NJIT is from India, many of the males on campus are socially awkward, and that the population of the school is mainly male. Of course not everyone that goes to NJIT is Indian, but a fair amount of students have background there. Some but not all students are socially awkward, I would actually say a greater percentage are social. Unfortunately, the last stereotype is pretty true; the school is definitely composed of mostly males and the few females are usually in architecture or in graphic design.


The stereotype of students at NJIT is that we are all nerds, geeks, computer junkies, and things along those lines. To some degree it is true, being a technical school and all. However, there are plenty of non-tech students who are far from this stereotype. People forget there is only one school directly related to computing sciences, and that only a few other majors in other colleges even apply to the geeky, nerdy outlook that is put upon us.


The general stereotype seems to be "geeks," though this isn't meant in a bad way. If anything, many students seem to wear the tag as a badge of honor - there's a reason the (possibly defunct?) NJIT radio station is lovingly referred to as "Geek Radio." As for accuracy, it's a tech school, so of course the campus demographics are going to skew slightly towards the geeky side, though as NJIT likes to promote,we're an extremely diverse student body. All colors, creeds, and personality stereotypes are welcome.


I just transferred to this school in the fall. I didn't here anything about the school until I actually started attending my classes and interacted with other students. Most student say that there are not my girls,most of the students are international students, and that it is a depressing school. Well i haven't seen to many girls however there are some, a lot of the student body is from different countries, and the school can get boring at times.


Since frats and sports aren't that big here, we don't have those stereotypes. However, we are a tech school so many say there aren't enough girls here and that those that are here, aren't available. Also, that the boys aren't that attractive. I guess they're accurate. Our gender ratio certainly shows that boys outnumber girls and I'm a girl who is already taken lol. And for the others guys here, there's not much to choose from!

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