New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about this school has to be how close to home it is. The one thing I'll change is the desks; there are rooms with long nice desks that can fit all your books and notebooks and calculators then there are some rooms with desks so small not even a first grader book fits. The size of the school is just right, you will definetly get to know everyone in your department and some people outside your department as well through general classes. People think that I am Einstein when I tell them I go to this school which is something I am proud of. Most of my time I spend in the Honors Lounge, there's a computer room to get your work done; lounge area with couches and a tv to hang out and a study room for serious distraction free studyng. The area is definetly a college town, there are so many universities around here and the fact that NY is one 15minute train ride away makes it much better. The school's administration does a great job here on campus, they approve a lot of student activities and also have a plan to purchase nearby property in order to make the campus larger. The most recent controversy was that our school president resigned in the middle of last semester. Yea there's definitely school pride, basketball games, volleyball games , hockey games always get a large turnout. The most unusual thing is how easy it is to ask professors for help; they seem to always be available and they will know your name at the end of the semester. I'll always remember coming to this school as a high school student part of a program to take college level courses on saturdays; I instantly fell in love with the school. The most frequent complain is the lack of food choices around campus, if you don't have a meal plan to eat on campus you find yourself in a cycle of eating the same stuff.


From my experience, NJIT is a mediocre school. A few things I would like improved would be: to renew or expand the campus, to reexamine some professors because they really don't seem qualified to be teaching, and sadly there needs to be a larger female population. My school is far too small, I sometimes feel like I'm attending an extension of high school. The surrounding area around NJIT is also not too friendly. Many people do not want to live in Newark or even go off campus due to muggings and robberies that take place. My complaints of NJIT are fairly prolific throughout the school.


I talk down about a lot of things at this school. One is the Bursar office, which I feel is run by completely irresponsible people. Another is that the campus is generally not a safe place to walk around at at night. The classrooms get overcrowded, there is little to no campus life, and the male:female ratios are quite poor. Other than these, I have few issues with the school. The dorms are quite good, the food is as well. Its inexpensive and very conveniently located. The campus might be small, but it makes getting around easier.


My overall opinion of NJIT is positive.The one negative aspect I've had in my experiences has been requiring completely unnecessary courses to be able to graduate, even if said courses have not a thing to do with your major. However, this seems to be a requirement of nearly every college in existence, so I can either continue to rage against the collective machine, or just grit my teeth and deal with the horrors of calculus. The school size is fine, and NJIT overall seems to be held in high regard, I don't socialize too much while on campus, though this is possibly due to me being a hermit in a past life. I haven't had to deal with the administration too much, due to a long story that I shan't get into here, but I've heard mixed opinions from my friends. I can't recall the biggest recent controversy, but school pride seems to be fairly high, at least depending on who you ask. Most unusual aspect of NJIT would probably be its location - having a tech school in the heart of Newark is rather strange when you think about it. I'm not a party-type, so I can't recall any specific experiences I've had, but I will remember the friends I've made (and lost). The most frequent student complaints generally are about tuition, or the bursar in general. Again, I wouldn't really know.


This school is very good academically and very serious about its studies. Most of the students here are very committed to their school work. One of the best things about the school is the library. It is very spacious with several. It is the ideal place to get your work done in peace. I feel that the school is a little to small for my liking, Since I am from New York when I tell my friends that I go to NJIT they don't really say anything because they have not heard of it. NJIT is not in a college town what so ever. It is in the middle of Newark. Since I am part of the Men's Soccer team I spend most of my time on campus. A lot of people seem to complain about the schools administration. A lot of people say that they seem to blow people off and send them to other people rather then taking care of the problem at hand personally. I don't think there is much school pride at NJIT. Most students don't really know what school pride is since they are international students. One experience that I will never forget was this fall when I played against Virginia Tech at home in front of a thousand people and we won 2-1.


I like NJIT a lot! I transferred from a large university last semester and I immediately found my niche. Plus, it's a good schools that employers look at. I spend most of my time in the club office for SHPE, that's where I always go to if I wanna just laugh and relax. The food? It obviously gets boring after a while, but there's something new every day and if you'd like you can cook something up yourself, so the unlimited buffet is pretty awesome. However, I wish that you could take the food out of the cafeteria; once you enter the buffet style caf, you cannot take food out (unless you sneak it out). College town? well there are plenty of colleges surrounding and we're in the city, so enjoy it! There's always something to do on or off campus. School pride? I wish there was more of it, but there is some. Sports aren't huge here, so that's part of the reason as well as that NJIT is a big commuter school. Changes? I'd change the online system. We use Moodle, but I prefer Blackboard. Also, the professors are not that great, but you can interact with them more because of small classes. Also, the financial aid office is not quick to respond to anything, so they're always a pain to go to. Overall, I like this school and wouldn't go anywhere else.


The administration at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is absolutely terrible. Expect long lines, an opaque, bureaucratic process, people who have no idea what they are talking about, and general ineptitude. I took a course here over the summer and among many other things, they will not send a transcript for the course. I have requested a transcript twice already, and I have waited months. No transcript. I am beginning to wonder if it will ever show up for credit of this course. Hundreds of dollars to waste? maybe. Don't make the mistake of ever considering this school, you will have to bribe people to get anything done around here. Their student services website is constantly down as well, and takes hours to come back up.


NJIT has its ups and downs. The safety is really good, but is you go off campus, its really unsafe. The social life is pretty bad. There are only a few places to socialize, the pub or frat parties. Greek life isnt a big thing at the school, when ever greekweek comes around, there aren't many student supporters, other than other greeks. There isnt school pride at all, even NJIT day people are that enthusiastic about. The only sport that is really supported or noticed is the volleyball team. Some NJIT students brag about how terrible our basketball team is. Even then, not many people attend these sport events. Why is the social life pretty bad? Because there are many commuters, and there arent many social places. Off campus is really unsafe, so the only place to socialize is on campus. Even the pub, one of the social places of NJIT, isnt that big, meaning its really small and not many students go there. The educational value is really good. The girl/guy ratio is really bad also, the majority of the school are men. Class sizes are really small (max 25-30) students, which means that students are to acknowledge the educational value. The food is terrible at NJIT. The only decent food is found at the grease trucks, subway, or king wok.


I have grown to love Newark and the area around it. The college is in the midst of changing into a larger university with new programs and division 1 athletics. Included in the change is NJIT's hand in a lot of revision of Newark's master plan. Although this can be seen as a good future, many things have been left at the way side and has been very politically driven.


Good school, Newark ain't so bad .... there are actually a lot of college kids around since Rutgers and Essex and stuff are right here too ... just don't leave your freakin ipod lying around Truck food is good, Rutgers Starbucks is better than ours how is that possible??

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