New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Sitting in my first college class, really? What was I thinking ? Why did I think I could do this.


There is not basically one college that is right for. You just have to make it happen that YOU are right for the college. Is not the college that makes it, but you make the college.


The advice that I would give is to try to know yourself first and know what exactly you want to do with your life. Then I suggest on doing some research on the school such as the question of "is it afforadble?" To me I think that this is the most difficult because say you really want to go to a school, but it turns out that your parents can't afford it and not enough financial aid was given to you. This was the case for me. I had to turn down a few schools that I was accepted to due to financial problems. So the advice that I would give to a college seeking canidadte is to try to look for a school that is afforable and yet that can give you the best quality education that you can receive. A thing to remember is that it is what the person's knowledge and developed skills that makes the person good at what they can do, and not based on the type of school they came from. To make most of the college experience, try to join organizations to get know other people and cultures besides your own.


It's really not about the school! It's about what you make of it. Finding the right school could be hard but wherever you go, make the best of it. Get involved and study to the best of your ability. Staying close to home but far enough to dorm there, is the best decision I have ever made. Living on campus makes a difference in any student's experience but going home to the people you love, is the best feeling you can get in college!


There is no right way to find the right college. However, out of a personal experience, college is like finding the right pair of jeans. Once you try it on and get the feel of it, you'll know if it is right. For instance, it would take students probably a semester or a year to realize that the school was or was not right for them. Therefore, the only way, in my opinion, to know if anyone has chosen the right institute is to give the school a try. For me, the best way to make the most out of a college experience is to get involved. Sure the lessons and the professors might be forever stuck in your head, but by getting involved, memories and moments would be never be erased.


Find the college that is right for you. Do not worry if a college is the best academically or not in the best area. The most important thing is to find the right fit for you. I was accepted to nicer colleges than I am going to now, but I did not accept them because I did not get that gut feeling that they were the right colleges for me. I am glad that I did not attend these colleges because I get along very well with all the other students my age who have similar goals and values. Even though my college is not considered among the best and has much to improve, I do not regret going to it. The best way, and really the only way, to see if a college is a good fit for you is to go visit it, which I very highly recommend if it is possible.


Go Greek! Martin Luther King Jr once said, "Intelligence plus character ? that is the goal of true education," and there is no better way to build your character than pledging a fraternity or a sorority. You'll learn leadership, service, academics, benevolence and unity as well as finding important networking tools, a great support system, and the best friends of your life. There's nothing like the feeling of holding your head high in your letters.


ask the current students how on campus and off campus life are. and also find out if there are fraternity and sorority houses located near campus.


I would advise any parent to look for a school with a world class faculty and student body so that the cultural dimension is integrated in the course of the childs learning over the four year period.


This is not a school for a student that is looking just to have fun and work a little bit. This school requires dedication and hard work to do good. Many oppurtunities are there after college. Strong ties with companies in many majors. This is an academic school.


College is about your education, but that education can come from many different aspects of your time at school. Students should look for schools that would provide the most in terms of choices, including finding places with expertise in a variaty of different things that you may consider obscure or irrelavant. You may find your calling by doing so.


I would tell them to choose a campus that they feel comfortable with.


Know what kind of student you are. Can you handle being "just a number", or do you want a solid relationship with your professor? Don't just expect things to happen, be apart of making it happen. Realize when it's time to take things seriously. Don't be concerned with knowing what you want to do right away, take your core courses and perhaps you will find something you truly want to study. It'll save you from switching majors multiple times. Be motivated to graduate on time. It's a very proud accomplishment.


Visit the colleges. Ask a variety of people who are attending that university or have graduated from it.


Make sure you ask the students on campus how they are living on campus and if they had to study a lot. Also check financial aid office.


College is what you make it. I encourage any new student, no matter what you major,ethincity or personality might be that you attend that college or university for your own personal goals and objectives. You're the one in lecture, woring hard for that degree ; make it your experience. As I said, college is what you make it. In that, students that get involved on campus have a higher chance of graduating and finding a job afterwards. Making the connections that will make your college experience worthwhile and prove to be rewarding in ways that may lead to your first on campus job, internship and new friends. I joined the newspaper my fist week at NJIT because I wrote for a newspaper in highschool and it's something that I love to do. From there I found myself ready to pledge the best sorority on campus. Some may wonder where I get all my insight from?From all my experiences. I was a cluster-coordinatior this past summer in our freshmen orientaion program, first hand experience in introducing new students to NJIT. This is your home for the next four years, make it your own.


visit the college before deciding to go there to make sure your child will enjoy going to school.


Starting your college career strong is the best way to prepare yourself for success. it doesn't matter what undergraduate school you attend, but how you perform in that school.


pick a college that has what you want, and has a good campus. some students do not like smaller campus's while others prefer bigger ones. i would tell students to make sure they get out and socialize. so many people at njit only sit inside their dorms and play videogames and never get out. make the most of your college expierence.


Parents talk to your kids and ask them what they want to do. Than start with the top schools and lower them to the most effective and middle class that are the ones have professor who will care for the students. Most of the time the top end schools dont provide attention to most student and the middle class are there for the students and are willing to help with anything they need. The student should start looking for scholarship and try to apply for a few, So that the parents dont need to go out of there limit to pay there tuition. The child should be more considerated of the parents. They are there parents and they need help. Children talk to your parents ask question . Ask for help online and to do certain scholarship... something You guys have to communicate with one another. This is the big step for both of you. The College experience is difficult for the student and the parent. The parent is always worry and the student will be worry about making friends and fitting in with the rest of the student body. Parents should let go of your kids, you should known them.


The school that you choose to attend does not matter as much as how you interact with it. You are responsible for making your college experience what it is. No matter what school you choose, every school has a lot to offer, and you need to take advantage of it. The key to enjoying your college experience is to be involved and to be active. However, keep in mind that you are going to school to learn and to expand your education. Do not take that for granted. There is a delicate balance between school work and having fun, and it is important not to overload on one or the other.


Get involved in the school programs. Choose a school that you will be comfortable with the surroundings( city or rural). Dont let a schools challenging reputation defer your from choosing them.


I would tell them to make sure they research the college of their choice and also visit that school to make sure that is the right school for them. I would also let them know that for the best experience they should live on campus to get the full aspect of college.


To parents, please look at what your child excels at. Don't try to force him or her to prusue a degree in science or engineering if your child has an artistic mind. The one born to make music cannot find the next cure for cancer. Push your child to seek the profession in the field that emphasises your child's strengths, not his weaknesses. Don't be afraid to take a chance and sent your child to the school of his or her first choice because, I can guarantee you, they WILL feel and do better there than somewhere else. To students, be honest to yourself. If you spent your evening in high school playing video games do you really think you should become a medical doctor or should you pursue a degree in comuter science? Chances are, you'll be more interested, competitive and most importantly successful in something that you enjoy doing on the daily bases. And when you look for college make sure you look at the quality of the program you going into and the student's overall satisfaction level, not the standing that the college has in comparison to others.


The best advice I could give is that whenever possible, in the visiting/selection process, ask actual students, not tour guides, as many questions as they are willing to answer. That is the best way to get a feel for any college. Aside from that, go into college with an open mind, not imagining it to be anything like high school and don't be afraid to introduce yourself to complete strangers, because there are a million reasons to go to colleges, but chances are, someone you walk by every day is at that school for the same reason you are. College is the best place to establish a solid network of friends. Most importantly, just enjoy it, because sooner than you may expect, it's time to graduate and you forgot to have fun, but on the flip-side, don't have too much fun, otherwise your experience will become equally a waste of time.


Think about what you really want to do after graduating from college and then apply to the colleges that offer majors related to your interest. Make sure to tour some of the colleges that you are planning to apply to in order to see the campus environment.


Everything in life is about balance. It is very difficult if not impossible to find a college that has exactly everything you want and exactly the way you want it to be. In searching for the appropriate college it might be a good idea to comprise a list of some sort and single out the most important things from that list that you would like your future college or university to have. Also remember that in your search for the right school, do not take your tour guides word for the truth without doing some further investigation on the school yourself. The best people to ask is the students themselves because any school will tell interested high school students and their families exactly what they want to hear to get them to commit and make a decision on the college. In other words, simply remember that college is a business too. As for making the most of your college experience; You do not want to have too much fun and perform poorly on an academic basis but at the same time students are not robots either and need to have a little fun once in a while.


It is really difficult to decide a college. The best way is to figure out what you want to do and find the best school to teach you more. Also, you should deffinately visit the school more than once to get a feel for the school and the population. That will better help a student decide which school to attend.


make sure the following: -if the school is very good in the field of what you want to study or what you interested in -defintely ask the students who attend the school about the school while you are researching the school from other public sources -visit the school if it's on your wish list -if you have the chance, try to enter for the special program the school offers -testing out the education by stop in some classes during regular semaster, of course with permission of the professor -don't forget to visit the city where the school is in, that way you'll know your way around, and won't be bored during your free time -if you don't own a car, make sure there's school transportation or convinient public transportation around


The student needs to do alot of research to determine the college that is right for them but they also need to keep in mind that their parents have a say in that choice because of the costs of tuition. The advice that I would give to parents is to let your child go. You have raised them to be the best they can be now it is time to trust that they heard you and they will make decisions that will make you proud. To the students I say stay focused. There are many ways to get into trouble when you get to college, but here are also many ways to have good, safe, clean fun. Go to class, do the work required of you but then take it one step further and do the work that is not required. Join clubs and participate in extracurricular activities to make friends. Ask questions it is one of the best ways to find out what you do not know.


Don't always believe what the school shows you in pictures and open-houses. Usually, especially in the case of my school, it is a big front to entice students to come here and show parents they're not making a bad choice by sending their kids there. Go with you gut and choose a place you truly like, because in most cases, it'll be your new home for the next 4 years.


Truth be told, there is no "this is it" method of finding the right college. Colleges will do whatever they can just to get you in their control.(more like your money) My advice: let the winds of fate decide based on the outcomes of your educational level. Not all colleges are biased and picky about what your grade ranges should be to be applicable. Hell, I got into NJIT with an 1800 on the SATs. That is not showing much is it, heh? Of course, if it is a case of money problems, then that is also understandable. When you do find your right college, I strongly recommend to getting to know the area better as well as the nearby "hotspots". By "hotspots" I mean places of interests or gatherings. They will make your daily life interesting. Don't get bummed just because you aren't able to blend in with the crowd. Rather get the crowd get to know you. The first day of college life does not count as a valid reason to say that you hate the place. That is saying you are a quitter and incapable of handling bigger obstacles in your life.


Do your research, and join the college that jumps out at you as your best fit.


Just talk to students, not the teachers.


I personally feel that in order to find the right school you must truly understand what your goal in gaining an education is. For me personally, I had been accepted into many other more prestigious schools but I chose to come to NJIT because it provided me with a program for my career choice and gave me money to fulfill this. However, it is important to take into consideration the location, the people and the intent of the schools are that you are choosing from. I truly feel that there are schools which are created for your individual needs and keeping that in mind is essential to making the right college choice.


In my opinion there's no finding the "right college". You simply make the best of it by adapting to the schools environment. NJIT was my last choice (of 5 universities) in terms of preference and it turned out to be the only school that accepted me for my desired major (bachelor of architecture). Originally i planned to attend the school, accumulate decent grades and transfer out, but my preconception of the school offerings and environment were completely wrong. The people I met at school had become extremely close with me, almost like family, and most of the reason why i originally wanted to transfer out was because the school didnt seem to be very social. Fortunately for me, i was completely wrong and i have become accustomed to the school and i will certainly never leave. I've heard several times in my life, "you make the very best of it", this is true, regardless of preconceptions. So my advice to others is do your best to get into your "dream" school but if in fact it doesn't end up that way, you can still enjoy your college years only if you make the very best of it.


Match your academic abilities and goals to the school?s philosophy and programming. For instance, potential architects should seek colleges that provide an architectural program or the opportunity to explore this discipline. Many schools only offer a liberal arts education; thus, those pursuing specialized degrees (like engineering) must find schools that cater to such interests. Colleges also provide statistical profiles of current students and admissions criteria compare your GPA and SAT scores to assess compatibility. Class sizes can range anywhere from a couple of hundred to several thousand students. Often, smaller colleges offer a more intimate classroom setting and a better teacher-to-student ratio. Classes at larger universities are frequently taught in a lecture style. A school?s location is as defining as its size. You must choose either an urban, suburban, or rural setting. Also, decide where you are most comfortable geographically. Do you want to stay close to home or are you comfortable moving away? What type of climate do you prefer? Tuitions range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Explore academic as well as outside, privately sponsored scholarships. Furthermore, research the possibility of student employment as many colleges offer work-study positions.


Do all the reasearch and really spend time writing lists of pros and cons for each school. Talk to kids on campus.


Advice that I would give parents and/or students as far as finding the right college and making the most out of it, is to find something that you truly love doing or wish to learn a lot more about. Try to find a college that is very active in your major of choice and is in an area that is happy and friendly. If you are a shy person and worried if people will make fun of you because of the way you dress or the color of your hair, get yourself ready because college is very diverse and you will meet people from all over the world with different hair styles, color of skin, and all types of personalities. College is a place to grow mentally, emotionally, and physically. Try to enjoy yourself while you make yourself one of the people that change tomorrow.


Parents should let their kids decide where they want to go and what they want to do. Visit the college that you apply to, because you might not like it after you go. Talk to students that go or went there, but not during open house or orientation. and dont forget to take into consideration how much the school costs and if you can afford it or not, because college life is expensive without tuition. Lastly, never buy books from the bookstore, big rip off.


"Congratulations! You have been accepted." Reading these words after applying to your choice of college is a blessing. The difficult part is finding the right college to attend. When a student is applying for college, the student should sit down and evaluate themselves and see what fits their personality. During theie evaluation, they should able be to determine if they are the quite type, do they prefer small classrooms, suburban environment, large schools, etc. Then the student should select the college that is completely opposite of what they are use to or fits their personality. The bases for my rational is that in life you will always find yourself in a situation that you are not use to or that is totally different from your personality. College is a preperation for life and what life can throw at you. If a student attends a college that is completely opposite of their persona, they already have an advantage in life. The student has the ability to adapt to situations that are foreign to them. Therefore preparing them for whatever fastball life throws at them. When applying for colleges choose the one that is different from what you are use to.


When searching for the right college make sure you are either receiving grants and awards or you are willing to pay back loans. College isn't all about grades make sure you join clubs and get internships or Co-ops.College is all about the experience you put in what you want out. My college is lacking in social life but I make the best of my situation.


Visit the college you plan to attend and make sure the college atmospehere and the learning techniques fit your life


Many students and parents go through a long road looking for the right college. whether it is for the fame it has or the enviornment in which your student becomes a part of it is important to really look deep into the school. A major part of finding the college right for you is ot ask questions. No matter how small or big the question, it is important to build a communicative relationship between you and the school inorder ot fully embrace and understand the choices you are making. Communication is the key and will successfully help you find the right school.


When students graduate High School, they start a whole new life. Choosing the right college is an important step. The students need to make sure that the college that they pick benefits them, not their parents or their signficant other. They should attend open houses or college fairs, just to interact with the students that already attend that university. I recommend dorming because of the college experience. The dorms and being away from home for a while is a terrific experience, but also being at home may help you focus and not distract you with school activities. Everything depends on the student. Don't forget to live life and go to college for you, not fot anyone else.

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