New Jersey Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The professors work with the students to inform them about future oppertunities. The professors also work together to insure the curriculum runs smoothly.


The utter lack of female presence that isn't just students from Rutgers wandering over to our Gourmet Dining Services.


The best thing about NJIT is that they are eager to help students excel and help steer them towards the right direction in order acheive their goals.


My school is an excellent technology school. Their computer labs are very helpful. The Computer Engineering Technology programs is updated on what is needed in order to find a job.


It is small enough to not get lost around campus and there is a lot of diversity. The commuter areas are confortable and it is usually easy to find a spot to relax.


The classes are generally small making it easier to receive individual help with work.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the people. There are many different ethnicities, but there are also many other ways that people are diverse. People come from many different blackgrounds, have different ways of thinking, there is a huge variety of majors that people are studying for, and there are many different ways that students go about completing their goals. Also, every student is different and unique. On a further note, NJIT is known for its academics and how well the alumni perform in their prospective fields when they graduate.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of students as well as the convinient size of the campus. New Jersey Institute of Technology includes from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. This has given me the oppurtiny to learn about different cultures and meet amazing students from all over the world. Also the 45 acre campus is very convenient and allows me to go from to class very easily. New Jersey Institute of Technology is the top-tier national research university offering bachelor?s, master?s, and doctoral degrees.


fanical aid


The best thing about the school is that there are people for everyone since the student body is so diverse. Another good thing about the school is that the curriculm is educational, practical, and interesting.


The community and closeness formed between students in the School of Architecture is my favorite part. We support each other and have become more of a family then friends. We're together all the time for all the same classes and have all gotten extremely close.


The best thing is the quality of the education that the student receives. There are many opportunities for the student to get hands on with the career that they are trying to pursue and meeting with different companies at career fair. Also there are research opportunites available with the help from some of the faculty and professors.


Research... It is offered to all who search for it and want it!


We are all similar to each other. Being at a technology school, we understand each other's jokes, life stories, and personalities. It is sort of like making connections with people who "get" you, which is a good thing.


the overall diversity at the New Jersey Institute of Technology gives students a perspective on life, allowing them to remove any previous bias, and focuse solely on education, which was the reason for coming to a university of this caliber


The school has a diverse staff team, that is will to help the students. The school provides us with the most qualify professor body which are professional in our field. The professors are working architects that teach us the basic of books and also gives us a glence to the realy things in the world. The professors dont consider you a young adult but knows that you are adults with great responsability and are attending school to learn and gain knowledge. The professors are understanding and helpful when needed, at the same time there are not easy going, are demanding.


Fraternity and Sororities are the best thing on campus; without which, there would be no social life at NJIT. Its really the one of the few ways many students have here to have fun, and for many students, it IS their only outlet from the stresses of their school work.


I think the best thing about school is its unique location. Although we are in a bad city. we find alot of safe responsible thigns to do. We get a chace to prove people wrong, and show that good things do come out of Newark. I am proud to say that I am one of the good people to live her and make it.


The people I have met and the job opportunities I will have.


Many people go to school becuase of the fame it might have, or even the recognition it has acidemically. Although before i actually began looking at colleges I had no idea of NJIT, shortly after i realized it was a prominent school to go to. The best thing about NJIT is the amount of help you get on top of the help and support that is given to you b students and teachers alike. It is a very personal experience that with alot of support a student really feels welcomed.


The best thing about NJIT is its diversity. You will find people that live all over the USA and students that are from all over the world. (i.e. Latin Americans, African-Americans, Middle-Easterns, Caribbean, etc.)

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