New Mexico Highlands University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be that there's not much to do on free time.


The worst thing about New Mexico Highlands University is the distance from my residency to the college branch that I am attending. The closest branch is an hour a way from my residence and I do not have the financial means to live on the main campus or move closer to the main campus/college branch. Getting home after ten o'clock at night and having to get up early the next day for a practicum gets exhausting.


The transportation, there is not many options on transportation if you do not have a car but, there is a couple places that you can walk to.


What I would consider the worst about this school would be how old the buildings look. Some of the buildings look like they are not in very good shape to be in, such as the dorms. In some of the dorm it looks like a very hazardous place to be. There are also other buildings that look very old that need a little work on the inside. I believe that this is the worst about this school.


The worst thing about my school would be some disrespectful students who stay up long hours and make complaints.


I would have to say the lack of degree choices offered to students outside of Las Vegas. I live in Farmington, and attend classes at a branch of New Mexico Highlands University.


The availability of resources in Las Vegas is very limited. There are not very many things to do in a students off time.


I attend an off main campus branch. The adivisors at the main center disagree on a regular basis with the adviors at my center.


Is the football players here because they think they can get away with anything and not go to class and they think they run the school.