New Mexico Highlands University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person that should attend NMHU is someone that is willing to work hard and likes to be in a small comfortable town.


Anyone who is interested to meet and be around diverse groups of people and want to attent a school in the SouthWest area. Also, people/students that like smaller classes where professors have and take the time to know and help students outside the classroom.


Anybody who wants to go to college in the state of New Mexico. While attending about a half of semester here at Highlands University it feels good to be around a lot more people than a Native American like me would see while living on a reservation. Highlands University is located in a town of Las Vegas where I never had any trouble with anybody so far. So anybody could enjoy attending Highlands Univesity.


The person to attend NMHU is one who wants to become a teacher or a student pursuing a degree in Literature.


A person that attends this town should be someone that is there to focus on school. Someone who is a big city person would definately not like the town of Las Vegas. Someone who likes to be involved in sports or clubs would be a good canidate for a student also.


This school has many great career opportunities. This school is a large athletic school, so anyone interested in sports and those who love the outdoors.


I think someone with good people skills but it is not my decission to make that.