New Mexico Highlands University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A low life who is poor, stupid and likes drama


I attend a center not the main campus. I have had trouble with making sure the main campus has all my paperwork. So anyone who gets frustrated by people who do not know what they are doing should not attend a center for NMHU.


This school is not for every one. If some one is looking for a big city and looking to party this school is not for them. This school is strictly for some one to study thier major.


Well anyone could attend school if the person is willing to make an effort to go to school. The type of person that is willing to learn something new and wants to better their life has a chance to go to school. Most people do not take the opportunity to see how school is a very important. Everyone has a will to get the grade and the chance to make a difference in their own way. Knowledge is the power to succeed in life and help achieve to the best of the person?s ability.


I believe the kind of person that shouldn't be able to attend this school would be the type, that would give up on pursuing their dreams of becoming someone successful. A person who would not take their academic studies seriously, also a person who had been receding from their educational goals. So therefore, the person who should attend this school should be the type that would take their education seriously and really reach for their goals in pursuing their long life dream of becoming a successful person.


someone who doesnt take thier education seriously