New Mexico Highlands University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best part of attending NMHU is that having the ability to play the sport you love while having enough time for school and a social life. There are opportunities outside of sports with activities and school gatherings to get out and meet people in the school like faculty and other classmates.


I will be new to the school this semester and compared with many other schools in the state, the class sizes are small. The tuition rates are lower than the other 4 year institututions in New Mexico. Probably the best thing about it is how individualized the education is set up to be. There are many opportunities for one on one tutoring and extra help if you are struggling. Advising is individualized based on your needs with your chosen major and living situation. I commute, so they set all my classes on three days.


The best thing about my school is thatit is cheap, and the classes are great. the schoolwork isn't too hard, and if you are struggling, our tutors do a good job.


The best thing that i consider about the school that i attend to would be, the successfulness of the instructors because they are guiding us towards our future academic and future goals. Also the best thing about this school would also be the tutors that assist us in our educational needs and help us strive in completing the work that the instructors assign and to make sure that the work is done correctly and that its proficient.


I would have to stay the best thing about my school is the people. The people at New Mexico Highlands are probably the nice, understanding, turstworthy, and the most helpful people and teachers is what makes highlands so great.


New Mexico Highlands University is an awesome transition from home because your professors willactually remember your name and there is a lot of one on one help offered through the university,professors and peers. This school is an experience of a lifetime, you will enjoy the snow and winter sports, as well as very colorful spring and summer seasons. You will meet people that will become lifelong friends and mentors and get a high quality education for a lower than usual universitry price!