New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


One thing you have to be pretty good at this school is math and physics. If you like hands on professors, teachers , and tutors this is the place for you though you have to be willing to put in alot of personal studying time in. There is a group for almost anything your interested in here except for sports we only have a rugby team.


A self-motivated person, with great study habits, and a significant drive to learn.


Someone who is extremely focused and interested in their chosen field. This school will teach you everything you need to know, but it won't be easy. There are high expectations.


Students who are goal oriented and motivated will find this school appealing. For those students looking to prepare for a career in science, technology, and engineering, this school is a good option. However, this is a small school in a small town. There are many outdoor activities but no varsity sports. Students who enjoy small classrooms, short walking distances, and knowing most people on campus will fit right in. Many students here are analytical, and tend to be quite studious and less athletic and artistic. Video games, parties, trips to the city, and going out to eat are often activities.


This school is best siuted fora student looking for a small communitiy in which to focus on academics. There is little school planned social interaction and a large number of the students leave campus every weekend. The school receive a large amount of funding for national research projects and has some of the best professors in their fields.


Someone who likes to work but be rewarded for the hard work after college. Someone who enjoys socializing with other people and meeting new people all the time. Someone who likes video games.


The people who attend this school are generally nerds/geeks. You should love science and math if you want to come here and have a desire to learn. Liking video games is a plus if you want to have something to do with other people and the guys would appreciate more girls.