New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


As a tech based school math is a core element... as such, anyone who has trouble comprehending math or has poor study habits may find it difficult to attend here.


To do well at NMT, most students will need to dedicate a large portion of free time to studying. If you are looking to have a very full social life, and/or lack the self-discipline to dedicate time to study, NMT is not for you.


Anyone who is not willing to work hard for their degree. Anyone who is not math science or engineering focused.


Lazy people, drug users, heavy heavy drinkers, non-socialites


a person that enjoys learning and wants a quality eduication.


If you like sporting events and places to visit off-campus you should not come here. The fact is that if you want to succeed here you can't have too much fun. Also, the ratio of men to women makes this school absolutely depressing and if you want a date once in a blue moon it is tough here. I have personally witnessed acts bordering cruelty towards those with different sexual preferences also, and while most aren't vocal about this, the percentage of those against small differences in people is very high.