New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The buracracy with financial aid and the registration offices.


nothing really comes to mind besides the boring at school part.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the lack of student activities. Going to Tech is hard, the course work is difficult. Sometimes you need an outlet to relax and have fun. Student activities would be a great way to do that but it is hard when there is hardly any going on around campus.


After attending New Mexico Tech (NMT) for one semester I have found that the most frustrating thing about the school is it's location. It's one hour south of Albuquerque (roughly 80 miles) and two hours north of Las Cruces (roughly 200 miles). NMT really expects the students attending to buckle down and study diligently so the "college parties" are brought down to a minimum. On the other hand, NMT is recognized for its academic prestige and extremely challenging courses. Meaning that one has to be creative to find fun


There is a large disconnect between the administration and the students. The event planners and financial aid represenetatives do not know anything about the type of student that attends and thus plan the wrong events and offer the wrong kind of help.


Some of the classes are furstratingly hard and grades do suffer but overall you are more prepared for the work force.