New Mexico State University-Carlsbad Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Going back in time would be great because I never had the parents, that would challenged me enough to be the ?best? I could be. They didn?t care; as long as I went to school they were satisfied. As a high school senior, that was my year to get myself set right. Why I even graduated was because I moved back to my home town where some family did care about me and wanted me to be successful. The advice I would give myself then would have been, ?I can do this, I can be better than this. Stay with it, things can only get better. And lastly, high school is free, you can just go?college you can?t, you have to pay for it.? If you didn?t learn what you needed to know in high school, how are you even going to be successful in college? Start at the bottom, when you should already know all this stuff and waste money when all I needed to do is do it right the first time: focus, stay in school, and gain knowledge. I'm in college now, and I wish i had that advice along time ago.


I'd tell myself first and foremost that I have the world at my fingertips. I'd tell myself that I am beautiful, strong, smart and confident. I'd tell myself that I should never ever settle for the bare minimum of my dreams. I'd tell myself to always do the thing that scared me and to take chances. I'd tell myself that no boy is worth giving up your dreams of becoming a doctor and making my own life worth living. I'd tell myself to listen to my mother more, to take better care of my body and mind, and to keep good, safe people in and around my life. I'd also tell myself that this would be the best year of my life so far and to enjoy being in that moment- to not 'want' to grow up overnight. I'd tell myself to savor the pep rallies, the smell of the Monday mornings, the sweat and pain of cheerleading, the friends I had living right down the street, and to soak it all in because when it's over, it's only a memory and hopefully a learning experience.