New Mexico State University-Dona Ana Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think everyone should attend this school, I believe that colleges or any schools shouldn't be for a specific person, but for everyone to enjoy and have an expericene they will never forget. Plus even though it takes awhile to graduate it all pays off in the long run. For an Example my mom, she had a dream to become a hair stylist since she was a little girl, but since she was a mother of 4 it was a hard task to do. But when we got older she went back to college graduated and became her dream.


Any person who is determinded to get their degree and suceed in life should go t this school.


Im not one to discriminate about who should go to college and who shouldn't. I think college is a place for everyone because in the long run we are need an education for our future career and without that education from college no one is going to want to hire one who has no clue about anything. So i think college is for everyone, even those who don't have the money for it. There are many ways :)


The individuals should take classes seriously and be grateful for the opportunity to continue personal education.