New Mexico State University-Dona Ana Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


learn alot, and soak uup all of the information you can. I know that you have read almost everything you could get your hands on but make certain you know your information. Math class will not be easy, you need to make sure that you know your stuff well. online college is very fun and you will enjoy it. You are only at this age and stage of your life once, enjoyy and make the most out of every day. listen to the advice of others, most mean well, but choose carefully what is good and the best for you.The road is not always smooth and the direction is not always easy, but you can do anything and be anything that you set your mind to.


I know you take your grades very seriously, but stop worrying about not getting an A so much. Schedule your study time, plan your weeks, stick to it and you'll do fine. Give it your best effort and don't slack off and you'll definately get a passing grade, and often a lot better. Oh and take those other kids in class up on their offer for study groups. I know you're shy, and worry that they'll think you're weird, but it will be okay. Study groups will help you make friends, and if you actually study durring them everyone's grades will benifet. You can do it, just stick to it!


I would advise myself to apply for scholarships and to take school more serous and get more information about New Mexico State University.


The advice I would give myself is pay more attintion in school. All ways be on time. Don't let no one are nothing put you down. Always keep your head up. Make good grades. Work for what ever you want. Apply for grants and scholarships. Don't let your pass determine who you are or who u will become. I will tell myself that if a person like me that comes from nothing can do it, any body can. I would tell myself anything is possible if we keep our faith in God. I would tell myself that theres nothing i can not do. I would be sure to say to say to study more, and use my time very wise. I would also show the 25,000 dollar differents that a person with a high school degree gets and a person with a four year degree gets, and how by the time you've worked forty years how the pereson with the four year degree will have made a whole million dollers more then a person with just a high school degree.


As I approach my past self I ponder and conjure up words of advice about college life. The most critical advice would be to try and get everything done early and make sure you seek help when you need it. Shop for cheap yet satisfying food, bulk drinks, used books, and save everything that will come into use later on. Don?t party the night before class or a due date, they come up fast and can possibly hit you hard. College is a time for new things, this does not mean you need to try anything that goes against your core beliefs or morals; remember no can force you to do anything you don?t want to. Take notes on everything, it?s better to have them and not need them then to go without. Keep your education as one of your top three aspirations yet keep your feet grounded. Before leaving my past self I would say ?when it rains, it pours but remember there is a rainbow at the end and all the clouds have a silver lining that determines who I am.?


The first thing I would tell myself is stop procrastinating. Time flies and before you know it high school is over and the real world hits you hard. Apply for all the scholarships you can because any money is good money. Really plan out what you want to do before you act like a chicken with no head. College can be stressful so prepare yourself by passing all your classes and really take what your teachers have to say about college into mind. They are all trying to help because they know what its like. Make everything count in high school because college looks at everything and you want to make a great first impression.


I would tell myself to focuss alot more and dedicate my time and effort alot more in school rather than girls, skipping, hanging out with friends, and alot of other things that kept me distracted from school.


If I could go back to being a High School Senior the advise I would give myself is the following: Attend a four year college immediatly after graduation. There are many Scholarships that are available at that point in time. Waiting to go back to school years later then becomes a financial struggle. One example is the Lottery Scholarship. Since I went to Cosmetology school instead of a four year college I now can't receive this. Along with other insentives. Going to College right out highschool is the #1 way to have a promising future. In todays society haveing that College Degree will get you to higher places then not having nothing at all. Attending College after High School will be much eaiser then going back years later. Your everyday thinking process is all ready used to studing and attending school. So another four years is nothing when you look forward to a promising future.


If I could go bck in time and talk to myself as high school senior, I would tell myself in senior to study harder when go to college.


College is not for partying. Take education very serious. You can have a good time when you are making great money doing something you love.


If I was to go back to high school I would tell myself that the most important thing is my educatio. Nothing is going to be given to me, so I have to go out obtain an education to be able to obtain a good paying job. I tell myself that starting a family can wait after I am finished with college. The best thing for me to do, is to attend college right after graduating high school and not wasting any time. Learning things in school is actually interesting and fun. I would tell myself to be serious about my studies and obtain good studing habits


If I could speak to the girl I was then, I would encourage her not to give up because of fear of failure, but to break down college into managable goals. It's all right to start slow. If scholarships are scarce, take classes as you are able to afford them. Math has always been your stumbling block; take advantage of free campus tutoring. Not all teachers teach the same so don't be afraid to request a different instructor. Be humble and persevere. Forget about popularity and parties. Focus on your desired goal and dream - attaining a college degree!


Wow.. I have never given it any thought but now that i know the college life, i would say its not easy. You have to be prepared everyday whether you are just listening to the professor or not doing anything at all. Sometimes you feel like giving up because you don't what to do, but if you have family there to get you through everything, then thats all you need. No one said college was going to be easy but as a senior in high school you don't actually realize it until you're sitting in that college classroom with 20 other students freaking out just like you. I just want to say that i have only been in college for a semester and i love it, but it is difficult. But just knowing i can make, gives me what i need to keep going and succeed.


I woul give to myself as a high school senior a lot of advices some of them could be. study hard to be ready to get into college, be a good student, be responsible, you can do it, college is a very good place to get in, college is not hard it is easy and if you like to study you should go to college and be a very good student.


If I could rewind time I would have left my father pay for my education at a premium school and would have selected a medical major with a minor in business. At that time I thought I would be ok however, the times were considerabley different and generally folks would stay with an employer for 25 or 30 years and then retire.