New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how New Mexico State University-Main Campus looks to someone who's never seen it.


New Mexico State University has a fun learning environment with many different activities to choose from.


Its a very big school, there are alot of students and they are very nice. Teachers help out students.


New Mexico State University-Main Campus is an enjoyable, beautiful place where I have met life long friends, have made wonderful memories and have learned what I need too to succeed in my specialized field.


New Mexico State University is a school that is very diverse, with many clubs,sports and campus activites.


New Mexico State University is one of the universities with the most high academic level, where your future may have better results.


New Mexico State is fun, safe, small but big, diverse, easy to get around, beautiful, and exciting.


My school has a very pretty campus, everyone that is on and around the campus is very friendly and fun loving.


NMSU is friendly, culturally diverse, and you're not just a number but a person here.


NMSU has a large campus, it is beautiful. this campus is very multicultural, affordable and there are plenty of scholorships to choose from.


New Mexico State University is a good place to come for school, because the atmosphere is great and the education level is amazing.