New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are diverse in race, interests, and political views, which I find to be perfect for college, since college should be a time of exposure, and new experiences.


They are just like me...they come from all over and are all different colors but they are all really just like me, looking to follow their passion and find their way in life.


The students at my school are very outgoing and down to earth. Many are shy and hard to talk to but i think thats how it is during everyones first year on a college campus.


My classmate are creative students who all put in opinions and ideas.


The majority of people are ready to take classes and get the work done but you will meet a few who are here to party rather than learn.


Classmates are usually very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are mixed gender, socioeconomically diversified, and all want to graduate with a Bachelors Degree.


My classmates are intelligent and open-minded.


Students at New Mexico State University are very open-minded. There is a great diversity across campus, so any student will feel welcome. Students are usually really polite. Attire is casual, although some dress up for interviews and presentations. There are students from all over the United States as well as from all over the world.


My classmates are interactive, interesting, helpful, and willing to help each other out. They are also outgoing, easy to get along with, and very welcoming to new students.


Extremely friendly and very out going, everyone gets along with everyone.


Everyone is here for school, and they love the experience.


The students at NMSU are very diverse. There are many different races, religions, sexual orientations and socio-economic representations. There are students from tons of different backgrounds that bring a balance and an understanding of something new and different to the campus community. There is no type of student that would feel out of place at this school, because of the diverse population. Most students wear casual clothing to class. The most standard outfit would be jeans and a t-shirt. However, it is hot in the Las Cruces area, so shorts are worn more time of the year than jeans. One of the really wonderful things about NMSU are that students from all types of backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles interact every day. They clearly enjoy interacting and learning from people that are different than they are. If there were four tables in the dining hall they would be something like this: The first would have Greek Life men and women in less casual clothing laughing and talking a lot. The second would have people studying for an upcoming exam, quietly discussing concepts and asking each other study questions. The third would be a melting pot of all types of students that have come together for one reason or another to sit and chat over some lunch. The fourth would be a religious group that has planned to have lunch and talk about their week and the trials they have faced since their last weekly lunch meeting. Most students that attend NMSU are from New Mexico or the El Paso, Texas area. Financially, most students are not well off. There are a lot of students that rely completely on financial aid and scholarships to continue at school. Students are politically active and aware of the current political environment. There is a very healthy balance of left wing and right wing views that allow healthy conversation and disagreements among students. Students do not typically talk about how much they will earn one day, more what their dreams are for the future.


We have around 18,000 undergraduate students at NMSU, describing all of them is pretty hard. We have all kinds of students here and anyone can find friends. We have many cultural, political, religious, ethnic, and diversity clubs or organizations here. Anyone can make friends here and feel comfortable we are very excepting at NMSU. There is a lot of diversity on campus, no matter how you orientate your self politically, socially, religiously and sexually you can find others with the same beliefs.


Students here are not very motivated and driven. Students are either reclusive and study freaks who aren't active on campus, or the more active students who party too much and don't carry themselves well. The school is very liberal and very hispanic. Probably 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the 20,000 students are hispanic if not more


Classmates at New Mexico State University are generally nice and helpful. For the most part, classmates work together to achieve their common goal of graduating and becoming successful members of society.


my classmate very nice and well to get alnoy with .


Very friendly, helpful, and compassionate.


My classmates are dynamic, hungry for education, committed, confident, focused, and friendly.


Classmates at NMSU are helpfull, most of them are very easy going.


I found my classmates very talented and hard workers.


My classmates at New Mexico State are easy to get along with as they are respectful and they seem to know the importance of good behavior in the classroom, which makes the university all the more enjoyable for me.


Even though the majority of them have earned a high school diploma, I do not understand how they are still somewhat lost in the core classes.


My classmates are very interesting helpful people, who have become good friends.


All students here on campus are very friendly and very energetic. Students here are here to learn and to make the best of their campus life experiances. The future is sometimes the only rewarding thing in some of campus student lives.


Motivated and intelligent individuals seeking a better education to make a great impact in the world.


My classmates are all willing to help you when you need it, they are intelligent and very responsible, they are worried about grades and doing good in school, and they are nice, friendly, and helpful whenever help is needed.


Everyone is really nice and down to earth. If you are lost someone will always help you find what you are looking for. Finding friends is easy. If you have a certain style or way of doing things there is bound to be someone with your same interests. There is a huge Greek life as well and they are always happy to find new members. The night life is amazing, there is always something to do. Everyone is very welcoming as well.


They are musicians, full of character and diversity.


Most of my classmates are responsible and work hard at school in order to obtain a good grade in class, they are willing to work together with other students to finish any projects assigned in groups as well as ask question if they don't understand the material being thought.


MY class mates are very creative and insperational.


My classmates have generally been open minded and provide good arguments for different topics in class to discuss.


Diverse, focused, goal-oriented.


Most are acceptable toward those around them.




My classmates are encouraging and fun to be around.


They are very helpful with a lot of the things we are discussing within the class and with other classes.


They are eager to learn and willing to work hard to get good grades.


My classmates were all different race and came from all over the world so everybody was pretty cool, so hung is groups like the black group or the white groups, most of the people that hung in groups were stuck up and thought they were better than others because they had money then we had peolpe that played sports and every sports team hung together to get a better team chemistry then we had the people that stayed to them self and never talked to any either because they were scared or new or because they hated talking.


My classmates are very versitile and motivated.


Most of the classmates I have had in my classes have been really friendly and want to do well. They are very helpful and when I have had to work in groups the other students in my group most all of them work really hard and do their portion of the work. If I have been absent for any reason my classmates were helpful in sharing their notes or calling me to let me know what work was needed for the next class.


My classmate are dedicated, and intrested in the field we are studing. They are helpful if you have a question to ask. The majority of classmates are friendly and east to get along with.


Friendly, but most come from the same high schools and already have their own group of friends.


They are nice and helpful.


Awesome people that have goals and aspirations for their lives.


My classmates are awesome! We are all very close, much like a family after being together the past 2 years. We have a small program in athletic training and your fellow students are by your side every step of the way. We take classes together, work sports together, hang out on free time, and even live together.




My classmates are representative of how things are in the world: there are those that work hard to achieve, those who just want to get by, those who don't care at all.


Very willing to work in groups and easy to talk to.


people with the same goals as me.