New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Chile, agriculture and rocket scientitsts.


We are a grea tagricultural school


Most people think that NMSU is a major party school, but I quickly learned that while some students like to have more fun than the normal college student many of the students are highly foucused on success inside the classroom. These students are the ones who I found to be inspiring because they reinforced my drive to succeed and make my dreams come true. I realized that NMSU is known for its well rounded students and academic drive in an enviornment that allows for great success as well as many opportunities to make memories that will last forever.


They are most known for their engineering program, I believe that is all.


aggies (football team), the diverse environment people from all over the world come to NMSU to experience the hot weather, cheap tuition


Our school is really well known for its agriculture and engineering departments. We are also located near White Sands Missile Range where NASA does alot of their testing, so we are one of the few schools that offer aerospace engineering as a major.


Unfortunately, we are known for our horrific football team. On the positive side, New Mexico State University is known for their college of education, which is really amazing.


NMSU is world famous I am told, for Agriculture and engineering. We are a land grant university with a long history of students coming from all over the world to study veterinarian and wildlife science as well as chemical engineering.


We're best known for our engineering and nursing programs.


They are best known for their engineering programs, their social work programs and every other academic programs.


Agrocultural Studies, NMSU Army ROTC is the oldest ROTC in the State.


My school is best known for its agricultural program as well as its criminal justice and film programs.


New Mexico State University, one could say was once known for it's educational programs, but the school has grown so much since then. Once you becaome a part of this school you hear about parties and drinking and what professors cannot teach. The bad things that happen here is what people.


I would say my school is best known for its Agricultual programs.


It is known for its college in agriculture and engineering. It is a diverse school no matter the gender or color you are. I


My school is best known for being very close knit. Even though there are thousands and thousand of students here at New Mexico State, everybody just seems to get along so well. They're also known for always being there for their sports teams. And plus, the campus is simply beautiful!


The Aggie football team


New Mexico State University is best known for their programs in agriculture. There are many programs focused in agriculture and there are mini farms for the livestock animals. There is even a boarding stables for the horses.


Our school is known mostly for its agriculture research and engineering department. The journalism department is the only accredited program in the state.


Our school is best known for our Agricultural, Conumer, and Environmental studies program. I have only heard great things about it. It ranges in course studies from: Fashion, education, resource management, consumer science and environmental studies. There are students who come from all over the world to study Agricultural engineering or Horticulture here at our campus and at research centers across the state. It is an incredibly diverse program with a lot to give its students.


Providing a good education in all types of degree fields.


good academics


Its agricultural studies and engineering.




Low tuition and quality education.


New Mexico State University is the state's only Land Grant University. It is known heavily for advances in Agriculture. New Mexico State is also known for its diversity among students and faculty.




probably our ag related education. hands on experience with livestock and everything else that we do in the ag world


My major is Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Managment . Our department is known to have strong willing, hardworking and considerate students.


Our school is an agricultural school so I guess I would have to say that. We have a good mens' basketball and volleyball team. Our football team has not been known as a good one, however, after working with them for a full season, we have alot of really good talent, and hopefully with a new coach we can really show the fans what they have to offer.


Agriculture and Engineering are really big programs here. We have a well known criminal justice program, and our little astronomy department (which offers only graduate degrees) does really good research with NASA.


Engineering and Agriculture


New Mexico State is bet known for their agriculteral majors. if you are interested in anythig that concentrates toward animals than NMSU is the school to go. we are also very good at womens basketball but sadly the guys get more fans, we are a pretty competitve football team and have lots of school spirit.