New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I went here because it offers a great education for a cheap price. It is a party school, but not a screw-off school; it has a very respectable reputation. People do not laugh when I tell them I go here. Also, it offered the film course I wanted to take. Few schools have advanced film courses.


I was attracted to NMSU because they offered me a great scholarship- the lottery scholarship allows them to offer great financial aid to in-state students. That was about all that attracted me, to be honest, although I discovered that the programs for my majors (English and Theatre) are really good here, and that it's a very good place to become involved in extra-curriculars.


My decision to attend NMSU was relatively quick and easy, as it was all based on the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship. I couldn't afford to attend school out of state, and since the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship paid for my tuition if attended a university in the state of New Mexico, I narrowed my choices down to UNM ans NMSU. I quickly chose NMSU because I felt more comfortable with the size of Las Cruces. Albuquerque is much too large of a city for me to feel comfortable living in. I never made a campus visit before or after I got accepted, but I knew I would like the campus if it were less busy than UNM's campus. When I finally got to campus my first semester I was happy to see it was the perfect size and very comforting.

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