New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What are your classes like?


My classes have been both traditional and online. I have had classes held in lecture halls with 200 students to 50 students. I have also had classes in traditional classrooms with around 25 students. I have also had online classes, that allow you to work at your own pace. All of my classes begin with the professor providing a syllabus, or a structured outline of the course. This is the most helpful document you can have to be successful in any type of class. In traditional and lecture classes, there are normally 3-4 exams, and weekly homework or quizzes. Online classes tend to be less demanding on a weekly basis, but have larger projects that you work on for the duration of the semester with a couple of exams or quizzes along the way.


I mostly take classes in the Arts & Sciences college. I take primarily history, government, sociology, and other social sciences. My government classes are challenging and interesting.


Being a government major most of my classes are focused on government. There is a lot of reading in my classes which I really enjoy and a lot of essay writing, almost all government tests are essay tests. I like to actually do the readings for the week, study outside of class and start projects well before they are due so that keeps me pretty busy. Some classes are easier then others but thats normal no matter where you go to school.


I have really enjoyed all of my science classes and labs, but I have definitely had to fight to stay awake in some of my English and History classes. I am also happier with Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes since they are only 50 minutes long, as opposed to Tuesday-Thursday classes which are 75 minutes long.