New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the worst part of my school to be the places of living. The dorms are nice and get the job done however they do need to be renovated. I believe that it would attract more students to live on campus and also might also bring up the enrollment. The hall I am living in is very old and looks like a prison. I do believe that if it were to be renovated it would bring more students here to NMSU.


I consider the worst part of my school to be the places of living. The dorms are nice and get the job done however they do need to be renovated. I believe that it would attract more students to live on campus and also might also bring up the enrollment. The hall I am living in is very old and looks like a prison. I do believe that if it were to be renovated it would bring more students here to NMSU.


The worst thing is the lack of funds for minor diversity groups. Also financial aid comes in very late and there are a lot of problmes with it.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the fact that all freshman living on campus are required to get the most expensive meal plans there are. This is the worst thing to me because you could be using the extra money on resources such as book, paper, school supplies, etc.


At NMSU, many students are forced to transfer or drop out because they cannot even afford to pay for "cheap" tuition. True, the tuition itself is cheap but the room and board fees are outrageous. Also, the Financial Aid office is of no help whatsoever. They are unsupportive and seldomly work with you and instead seem to work against you. For freshman, they take the liberty of holding your loans for a month but not accrediting it to your account to pay off your balance, but threaten to disenroll you for not paying instead. This needs to change.


The worst thing about NMSU is how dated everything is within the school. Buildings are falling apart, dorms are decrepid and the sidewalk is all cracked to hell. The matinence of the school is poor and I wish someone would allocate the funds where they are needed. The fields we have for sports are all compacted dirt and rocks with no grass. I also believe that if funds were used to make eating healthier a better option more people would actually do it instead of getting the pizza.


The worst thing about this school is that it doesnt accomadate people who work full time jobs very well. It would be nice if there were classes that I needed availabe to me later in the evenings.


The worst thing that I can consider about my school, is that not knowing where to go to sign up for sports or if I’m qualified to play sports.


The worst thing about my school is also one of the best things about my school, ironically. In the winter, Bozeman, MT gets a LOT of snow! Sometimes campus gets icy and really snowy and it makes parking, driving, and getting to class a little bit more time consuming and difficult. Sometimes it is a little frustrating, but that is honestly the only "bad" thing I can say about my school. I am a very passionate skier, so even though snow/ice on campus sometimes sucks, I still am grateful for it!


The size of the campus could be seen as a negative and positive. I view it as being to vast and not as intimate as a liberal arts college.


The worst thing that I would have to say about New Mexico State University is the parking because they do not have enough parking spaces for students. I have to leave about two hours early to find parking on time to get to my classes.


Confusing lay out of the building, but there are many maps throughout campus.


The financial help for non-residents.


everyone like corbett center


Not very environmentally conscious. There are many things that NMSU could be doing to reduce its environmental impact, such as: reducing water waste (irrigation as well as in the bathrooms), saving energy by improving insulation, adding solar and renewable energy sources, providing efficient transportation choices such as buses or park-n-ride, reducing pollution of the campus fleet, recycling programs.


Well, to be perfectly frank, the situation that the art department is in is horrendous. I am a printmaking major and we haven't a single fulltime faculty member since December 2010. The fact that this is not a priority concerns me.


Housing, especially Garcia Hall, because the dorms are really dirty. Anything else is fine, I like my school.


The worst thing about my school is the dorms i would have to say. Of course pinon and garcia aren't to bad but the older dorms on campus are really gross and outdated.


There are not enough scholarships for students that deserve them.


It is not that spirited. we do not have much school spirit.


The advising center is confusing and not very helpful.


Sincerelly, I dont think NMSU has a worst side since it is wide in a various of opportunities. But thinking it through, maybe the worst thing there is and it isnt that bad, is FOOD! I mean it is fine for a while but once you eat it everyday, it kinda gets you tired of the same taste. But without looking at the FOOD side, NMSU is a great place.


The worst thing about New Mexico State would have to be the student cafeteria, only because the meals become very repeatative so you no longer wish to eat in the cafeteria after the first month or so.


probably the city. there isnt a whole lot to do when you arent studying on the weekends. you can still have fun, but it can be pretty bland.


There is not a great availability of off campus social groups. Although the majority of people of college age are going to be involved in on campus groups, not many social groups off campus are very open or welcoming to alot of college age groups.


The worst thing about my school is, well I really can't think of anything very bad. I guess, the number of on-campus jobs is not so great. It's hard to find a job on campus, and I do not own a car so I can't really go out in town to get a job.


I believe the worst thing would probably be the lack of Ski Areas in close vicinity. The only one near is two hours away, and all the rest are more than four.


The worst thing about my school is that sometimes students let school rivalries get in their ways.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the parking space available. Their arent enough parking spaces for all the students at specific times.


The school I am currently attending is a nice campus, however, the city it is located in is very small. The school tries to do activities to entertain the students but most of the time these events are not promoted and many students dont attend. There are many opportunities in bigger cities but Las Cruces has a population consisting of many elders. The whole environment for teens is not really there. Also, our sports teams are not the best, therefore not that many students attend the football games or basketball games.


Parking, it makes it difficult to get to school on time some days.


The worst thing about NMSU is that if you want to have a social life you have to join a sorority, fraternity or just party 7 days a week. It is hard to find people to hang out with who are not into any of those things and if you are not partying it is hard to find things to do in Las Cruces.


The worst thing about my school is the parking situation. It is hard to find a parking space close by to your building. It can cause me to be late to class if I have to park somewhere and it take almost ten minutes to walk to call.


Parking. There is never enough parking for the students, which makes us late to class sometimes, or makes us have to walk miles to get to class.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the prank bomb threats. We have not recieved any phone calls as of late but for one week earlier in the semester, it seemed like almost every day there was a new bomb threat. Classes were cancelled and/or delayed; it really made the whole, "Boy who cried wolf" scenerio come to life.


The worst thing about my school would be the lack of mentors and advisors to get the right classes and to ask questions about my degree requirements.


The lack of information on when classes can be signed up for. It's no good for anyone to be running around trying to sign up for classes two days before the deadline.


The worst thing about NMSU is the weather. It is so hot here that it makes walking to classes miserable sometimes.


The worse thing about this school, is the parking


Sometimes at NMSU it gets really boring. And when I say boring I mean boring. We need more stuff to do.


The worst thing about this school is the finances. Tuition keeps on going up and its just hard to pay finanacially . Besides that i think everything is wonderful about NMSU


all of the partying that goes on nearly every day of the week


School spirit. I feel like we students need to come and support their school more.


I would have to say that the science lab teaching assistants are somewhat hard to understand due to the fact that they are from other countries. They know their stuff but sometimes they are hard to understand becuase they have such strong accents.


Campus Parking! The parking lots are over crowded and the campus does nothing about it!


The fans of our sports teams. They are always the first one's to get down on our team.


The worst thing I remember happening at my school, is when a fraternity guy took 21 shots on his 21st birthday and died the next day from binge drinking.


its so cheap, teachers get less money. good teachers leave.


The worst thing about NMSU is parking. There is not enough parking for all of the students, faculty and staff, and so sometimes I am forced to park long distances from where my classes are actually located, or even park off campus. This has been a problem since i've been going to school here, and the administration has tried a few different ideas to help, but nothing has really worked thus far.