New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I personally enjoyed attending NMSU. The campus is large enough for the amount of students it holds each year but not too large that you feel overwhelmed. The faculty and staff are willing to help you out the best they can provide for each individual. I spent most of my time at the Civil Engineering building and I could have not felt more at home. The students you attend class with are very friendly and you build long lasting relationships with one another. Apart from just the school, Las Cruces is a very nice "college town". The atmosphere surrounding the school is quiet and enjoyable. There are many places along University Ave to do with friends while enjoying some downtime from classes. Overall, the experience at NMSU is great!


I love the school! It's a beautiful campus and majority of the professors are interesting in helping you achieve.


My opinion of New Mexico State University is it's a pretty good school. The best thing about this school is that I live on campus and is able to go talk to my teachers when I can. I wouldn't change one thing about this school it is great the way it is. When I tell others I come here they always ask me if it's a good school and if I really enjoy it. I spend most of my time either in my room doing homework or out hanging out with my friends. I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico and it is an ok city but there is hardly anything to do here. I would say the school pride is about average. A lot of people would rather go out and party than go to the games or they will come to the games drunk. The one thing I will always remember here is how the teachers are so understanding and kind.


My overall opinion about New Mexico State is that its a pretty good school. I live on campus and I absolutely love my college experience because everything the school offers, I take advantage of. If I ever need to go to the library or the computer lab, it is only a short distance away from my dorm. Services like the gym and the activitiy center are always available and free. The best thing about my school is that if you are struggling with school, there are always available tutors who are willing to help. They also give you some guidance in any future classes you will take. With the size of my school, at times, you tend to feel really small. It has a fairly large campus and everyone seems to be running about to get to their class. One of the things I do not like about this campus is that there are not enough places to park. Every available parking lot is dedicated to facualty, unless you park at the way end of the campus where there might be some student parking or free parking zones. I do not understand why they are building another theater on campus when they probably need to build some sort of car lot. When it comes to school pride, NMSU does have quite a good amount of it. Since I live in a college dorm, I am always hearing about upcomming games and clubs with their special events. Many people to participate in a lot of the things going on, which is a really good thing to see.


As far as the social and academic environment I really like this campus. Parking, however, is horrible. You have to get to school about fifteen or thirty minutes before class starts just so you can find a parking space. The school's administration is not the friendliest on earth, so that can be an issue at times. Professors are really nice and they try to help you as much as they can. There is always different events going on so there's always something to do.


I love NMSU. The campus is just the right size, and it feels very homely. The best thing is really just the environment. Everyone is very friendly, and the teachers/professors are here for the students. Its definitely a campus town, but there's always something to do on campus.


The best thing about New Mexico State University is the feeling of family on campus. In my experience, everyone is so friendly and helpful. It truly feels like one big happy family. This comes from the size of the student body; not too big, not too small, but just right. You will always see a familiar face in classes and walking around campus, but there is also unlimited opportunity to meet new people. The one thing I would change, however, is the parking situation. Unfortunately, there is limited student parking, but the parking passes are very cheap compared to other universities. The limited parking is definitely the largest complaint from the student body. When I tell people that I go to NMSU they assume I am not very bright and that I like to party, but I am changing this by high scholastic achievement and very limited partying. On campus, I spend most of my time in the Buisness Complex (because I am a business major), Corbett Center Student Union, and my sorority house. Las Cruces, home to NMSU, is very much a college town. This leads to a lot of campus news in the local newspaper, and a ton of student discounts around the community. Recently, we have had a couple of students pass away because of drug-related behaviors. It has definitely been a big deal on campus, and people are becoming more aware of the behaviors of their friends and roommates. There is a lot of Aggie Pride, just not centered around our sports teams. Our basketball team is great, as well as our volleyball team. Our football team is getting better, and the games are getting more and more exciting to attend. The one thing that I think sets NMSU apart from other schools is the sense of close knit community on campus. Also, the AMAZING food in the Las Cruces area. After graduating, these are the two things I will miss the most.


Very college town, for the most part. My idea of this town is that it's VERY small. I don't fee like I've gotten a full education experience, and that totally freaks me out for the real world.


I truly love NMSU. There is a wide range of classes that many school do not offer. They are not all easy A's either teachers will push students to do their best. We have many opportunities for students that you might not find at other schools. We offer a lot of free programs for students that is really amazing! I think no school is perfect and there are flaws here but overall I am very happy here. The town of Las Cruces is maybe not the most exciting place, but if you have an imagination and love being out doors anyone can have a good time here. The feeling I get while walking around campus is one of pride, I really love being an Aggie.


My favorite part about NMSU is the size. It is not too big, but not too small. NMSU has the perfect size for a student to stand out and be a leader, but also not so small that everyone knows everyone. Another positive thing about NMSU is being in the city of Las Cruces. Las Cruces may be small to some, but it has everything you need. There are plenty of restaurants, 3 movie theaters, a shopping mall, and lots of Starbucks. I enjoy living in a "college town" where everyone is an Aggie. Although the students of NMSU may not support the sports teams as much as they should, every student is proud to be a NMSU Aggie. We enjoy our rivalry with UNM and UTEP and we will always stand up for our school with pride.


My overall opinion is that the academics are great across almost all of the departments. However the general attitude of students is very careless and apathetic. Admission standards are low so a lot of people come here to party, with no intention of graduating.